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Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Hit In Face With Pie, Tackles And Brutally Beats Pie-Thrower [Video]

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (who is also a former NBA player) suffered a bit of an indignity on the evening of September 21. That was when the mayor was the victim of a political protest of the pie-in-the-face variety at a Sacramento fundraiser. The event was taking place at a local high school, and reportedly Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson responded to the attack with an attack of his own.

As MSN reports, the pie-in-the-face incident took place at just about 6:40 p.m. on Wednesday. That’s when fundraiser host and mayor Kevin Johnson was approached by a blonde man at Sacramento Charter High School. That man, now identified as Sean Thompson, then proceeded to hit Johnson in the face with a pie. There has been some discrepancy when it comes to reports of the kind of pie that was used in the assault.

Some say it was a fruit pie, others describe the offensive pastry as a whipped cream pie. Most witnesses said it was clearly store-bought.

Whatever kind of pie was involved, it was reportedly used to assault the mayor, at least according to his spokeswoman Crystal Strait. She said that during the fundraiser for Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s charity St. Hope Public Schools and that roughly 200 people, including dozens of children, were in attendance.

“The mayor was assaulted tonight.”

After the pie-in-the-face, the mayor of Sacramento came to his own defense. Within a split second, he reportedly attacked the man who hit him in the face with the dessert, tackling him to the ground and punching him over and over in the face. Eventually, a member of the mayor’s security team detained the 32-year-old Thompson. He was ultimately taken into custody by the Sacramento Police Department for his pie attack on the mayor.

Sean Thompson’s face got banged up during his altercation with Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and required a brief trip to the hospital to deal with his injuries. Witnesses claimed that the Sacramento mayor “beat him to a bloody pulp.”

After receiving medical care to tend to his still-bruised face, the pie thrower was formally arrested and charged. His official charge was suspicion of assaulting a public official, which is indeed a felony. At the time of his booking, neither arresting officers nor Sacramento County Jail personnel noted the nature of the suspect’s suspected felony assault, so it wasn’t immediately included in the official record that the assault endured by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson was by a pie.

Following the public pie-ing, Kevin Johnson took to social media to thank everyone who came to his rescue during the incident.

Even prior to suffering an assault-by-pie, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson had decided not to run for re-election this cycle. In fact, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has had some serious allegations levied against him in the last year or so. As Dead Spin reports, multiple women (some who were allegedly underage when they were assaulted) have come forward to accuse the NBA-star-turned-mayor of sexual assault and abuse. The mayor’s alleged history of sexually abusing women reportedly goes back years.

However, according to assault suspect Sean Thompson, his pie attack on Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson had nothing to do with sexual abuse allegations.

As CBS Sports reports, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s alleged attacker said during a jailhouse interview that he threw the pie to protest Johnson’s failure to follow through on his campaign promises to Sacramento residents, specifically the city’s homeless.

“He had a lot of opportunities to help people and he hasn’t taken any of them. Pie throwing was the least violent action I could take.”

The suspect in the pie-related assault on Mayor Johnson also said during his interview that he believes that the mayor reacted to the pie in the face with a bit too much violence. He said that the Sacramento mayor punched him over and over in the face, and that at least two of the punches landed solidly, causing bruising and other damages that required medical care prior to his incarceration.

“I don’t think that was an appropriate response to a pie to the face.”

According to the mayor’s office, Johnson acted purely in self defense; they further added that the mayor is in “shock,” and that he had no idea that he’d been attacked with a pie, just that he’d been hit.

This isn’t the first time that Thompson has been involved in such a public protest against Johnson. He reportedly spoke out against the Sacramento Mayor at a city counsel meeting in 2011.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Sean Thompson had been expected to be arraigned on Friday, but that the hearing has now been rescheduled for Tuesday.

“$100,000 seems pretty excessive for some whipped cream to the face.”

Reportedly, attorneys for Thompson want a hearing over the $100,000 bail that has been set in the case of the man who allegedly hit Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson in the face with a pie on Wednesday.

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