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Maple Syrup Seized By Canadian Authorities Could Be From Delicious Heist

Maple Syrup Seized By Authorities

A large quantity of maple syrup has been seized by authorities from an export company in New Brunswick, Canada, according to CBC News. It’s believed the delicious substance currently in possession of police was part of a $30 million maple syrup heist just a few months ago.

Etienne Saint-Pierre, who owns S.K. Export, swears the maple syrup seized by authorities was obtained from one of his regular suppliers. Despite his claims that the stockpile of syrup is on the up and up, police are extremely interested in speaking with the individuals who supplied the goods. Until everything is worked out, police will sit on an estimated 400,000 pounds of maple syrup.

“Since yesterday, they start to load the stuff in the truck, and then the trailer load,” Saint-Pierre explained. “They load six loads last night, they’re going, and now I think they’re going to load two more loads. The drums and totes and everything from Quebec.”

According to The Star, Quebec police rounded up between 700 and 800 barrels of the stuff by the time everything was said and done. The search, which took place on September 26, reportedly caught the exporter completely by surprise.

“They said they were searching to find some stolen drums from Quebec,” Saint-Pierre said. “It was a surprise. That was the first news I received.”

The maple syrup seized by authorities is thought to be the same tasty goods stolen in August from a warehouse outside of Montreal. Despite public knowledge of the crime, The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers never revealed just how much of their syrup had been lifted from the storage facility.

Sarto Landry, Etienne Saint-Pierre’s lawyer, explained that authorities will have a difficult time proving that his client knowingly purchased this allegedly stolen syrup. “We can’t easily identify the syrup, it’s not like buying a car or buying a house,” Landry explained. “At the moment, there’s a presumption that the product that was bought… was in no way related to a deceitful transaction.”

Presently, the maple syrup seized by police will stay in the possession of authorities until its origins can be properly investigated.

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9 Responses to “Maple Syrup Seized By Canadian Authorities Could Be From Delicious Heist”

  1. Mark Zajac

    Each batch of Maple Syrup has a distinctive signature. It is distinct in its actual sugar content, as well as its coloration. What causes darker maple syrup is the action of naturally occuring bacterias in the sap which change the nature of the sugars in the sap. Warm weather, letting sap get warm, and later season runs, along with other factors, most of which are all up to the whims of nature, all contribute to color/grade. In layman's terms the lighter it is, the more delicate the flavor and darker is stronger more robust maple flavor.

  2. Sharon BriscoeJames

    I have a question, why would anybody want to steal that much maple syrup? I just don't get it. I will admit sometimes I am a little slow on the uptake, but I just don't understand this!

  3. Eric Dion

    Sounds like the bad guys got into a sticky situation! WHAT! It was just sitting there waiting for somebody to say it!

  4. Kristy Winburn-Revels

    Maple syrup? Seriously? People these days are ridiculous.

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