Snake spotted on Mars

Snakes On A Planet? NASA Photo Reveals Snake On Mars, UFO Enthusiasts Say

A photo taken by the NASA Curiosity Rover on Mars has more than a few UFO enthusiasts convinced that there might be life on the Red Planet after all — in the form a snake.

Several UFO researchers posted videos online after the Mars “snake” was discovered (although some point to UFOmania as the original discoverer of the sighting), noting the alien presence on a planet that has yet to exhibit a single official living organism for NASA to proclaim to the world. In the Curiosity Rover photo, the anomaly can be seen seeming to slither in a vertical direction between rocks. And although many agree the oddity is a snake, the type of snake is another matter.

YouTube user Mister Enigma labeled it a “Rattle Snake.”

UFO enthusiast and blogger Scott C. Waring wrote on UFO Sightings Daily that the Mars sighting resembled a “garden snake.”

“The snake looks similar to a small garden snake. About half a metre long. A reptilian life form may have a better chance at surviving such a harsh environment.”

Waring does not explain why reptiles, which are traditionally cold-blooded animals, might have a “better chance at surviving” on Mars, where, as Space explains, the temperatures range from minus 195 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 125 degrees Celsius) at the poles to roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) near the equator. Even though the temperatures at the equator are quite a bit higher, they plunge at night to minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 73 Celsius).

Some thought that instead of a snake, the anomaly might be a tentacle. One viewer on the YouTube video channel SecureTeam10 posted by UFO investigative channel noted that the anomaly could be a tentacle or a snake and that there might be two snakes in the photo, one barely emergent below the other and having an “eye.”

Still, not everyone was convinced the sighting had revealed a snake of some sort. Also in the comment section of the SecureTeam10 video, a viewer wrote, “Going on the theory that Mars may be a destroyed civilization, the ‘Snake’ I think may be some sort of reinforcement bar. I[t] looks like it may be coming out of the stone, and if you’ve ever seen any broken concrete, the metal bars inside stick out in a serpentine.”

NASA has yet to comment on the anomaly found in its photo. The space agency has a history of explaining away most strange features found by UFO enthusiasts and alien hunters as rocks.

Regardless, there is a contingent of conspiracy theorists that see the snake as proof that NASA hasn’t gone to Mars at all, that the photos being taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover are being shot in arid, rugged areas on Earth. The snake was accidentally included in the photos.

“There is an increasing number of people who believe that NASA’s rovers never left the Earth in the first place,”, a conspiracy theory website, has noted, “and the pictures they are allegedly sending back from Mars are taken in remote areas of our planet.”

The website points out that NASA does much of their Mars training on Devon Island, Canada, which happens to also be the largest uninhabited island on Earth. They do not believe this to be coincidental.

But if NASA’s presence on Mars is not a hoax, could there actually be life on Mars? Most scientists believe, given that water once existed in abundance on the Red Planet, the life may have once developed a foothold on the planet. However, given its harsh conditions and lack of a protective atmosphere, any life on Mars died off due to the elimination of water, the thinning of the atmosphere, and the onslaught of solar radiation. Mars today could retain living organisms, scientists agree, but only if they exist underground.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that UFO enthusiasts have declared the discovery of a snake on Mars. Back in 2010, YouTube user David Beamer posted that he had found an alien Mars snake that had been uncovered by NASA’s Spirit Rover. “I discovered an alien snake on Mars uncovered by Rover Spirit as she drags along a jammed wheel,” Beamer wrote. “Like a plow might unearth a prairie dog or snake, Spirit’s trench cutting stuck rear wheel has exposed a living creature just below the thin sand like permafrost. Surviving in warmer subsoil, this alien sand snake has almost a sinister reptilian grin for Spirit’s camera. Looks to have a very beak like head for streamlined burrowing? The eyes have observable pupils yet are probably protected with an eyelid much like a lizard on Earth would have.

[Featured Image by Vadim Sadovski/Shutterstock]