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Lolo Jones Tweets Insensitive Comments To Paralyzed Eric LeGrand

Lolo Jones Causes Controversy On Twitter

Lolo Jones is no stranger to being outspoken on Twitter, but her latest controversy is likely to make anyone cring, as the track star and Olympian taunted former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand after he playfully challenged Jones to a race.

The Olympic hurdler reportedly went too far after LeGrand tweeted to her, “want to race me?” reports that Jones responded by saying:

“Get checked for a concussion. Clearly, [you’ve] been hit in the head.”

Well, unluckily for Lolo, LeGrand was hit in the head while covering a kickoff for Rutgers in 2010, leaving him paralyzed. The former football player fractured his C3 and C4 vertebrae on the play and will likely be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

After a follower called her out on the mistake, Lolo Jones apologized, writing:

“No, dnt know. sry dont know every football player. He challenged me 2 a race & I responded. Great I’m gonna get murdered for that tweet. When I had no clue who that dude was.Just responding to any athlete who challenges me to a race.”

Sporting News notes that Jones took heat from most of her followers for the decidedly insensitive tweet, but Eric LeGrand took it in stride, responding:

“@lolojones definitely did not take it personal, I understand exactly where you are coming from. All good over here.”

She responded to the former football player by saying, “Thx. Gerring trashed by tons of ppl glad ur not one of em.” LeGrand, a former defensive tackle, resumed his studies just a few months after he became paralyzed, taking classes via Skype.

LeGrand released a book last week and is on a career path to become a sports broadcaster.

Do you think that LoLo Jones was being insensitive when she goaded paralyzed former football player Eric LeGrand, or should we let it slide because she didn’t know who he was?

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8 Responses to “Lolo Jones Tweets Insensitive Comments To Paralyzed Eric LeGrand”

  1. William Cochran

    I don't understand the buzz about this young lady. To me, she has always come off as selfish, uncaring and a gold digger. This just reinforces the views I already held.

  2. Anonymous

    She is a total dunce; she ONLY cares about herself. Less and less folks should attend ANY function she participates in because she will probably try to HOG the spotlight and keep her name in the news… let her just…… fade away!

  3. Corey Nufer

    Didn't you know that christians don't have to think before they speak? Not the first "devout" person to completely ignore the teachings of their lord Jesus.

  4. Robert Staples

    @william—–gold digger? where you getting that from–she doesn't even date. still a virgin, cares very much for what her mother did for her. she's very competitive…..had some tough luck. when you're called the Anna Kornakova of track, she takes offense to that……I will always pull for the girl. She obviously didn't know who she was tweeting………this tweeting has got a ton of people in hot water.

  5. Matt Vaughan

    This is the same girl who before the Olympics spent so much damn time and money advertising herself. She made the comment "any hot single actors hit me up, I'm single to." I mean she's self obsessed. She comes off as a gold digger, a selfish woman and just unapologetic when she says stupid shit.

  6. R.c. Smith

    That's the downside of Twitter – it's so fast-paced and sacrifices research over speed, she didn't take the time to find out who Eric was before burying her face in her digital device to hurry up with a "tweet." Bring me back to the 70's, when we invested more face-to-face time in knowing each other. We didn't have the disconnect of being so…. "connected." We actually had to talk to people.

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