taylor swift lee min-ho tom hiddleston break-up dating

Is Taylor Swift Really Dating South Korean Actor Lee Min-Ho? The Real Truth After Her Break-Up With Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift’s relationships have made national news for the past decade, and it doesn’t look like that’s coming to an end anytime soon. After her recent break-up with actor Tom Hiddleston, some thought she may take a break from the dating scene for a while, but speculation suggests that may not be the case. It now appears as if South Korean actor Lee Min-Ho could be the target for her next relationship.

Upon her split from Hiddleston, the speculation started running wild as to who would be the next guy to take Swift’s arm. Some had said that she was devastated at their break-up, but People reports that it wasn’t a “dramatic break up” and that she’s been “very upbeat” since it happened.

A mere day after the break-up was confirmed, Swift headed out for dinner with her friend Lily Aldridge, and just days later, she went to a fashion show for her friend Gigi Hadid. Recently, she even went out in New York with Hadid and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, but will the singer stay solo and out of a relationship for a while?

taylor swift lee min-ho tom hiddleston break-up dating
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Even if she hasn’t said anything about pairing up with anyone else, there is a lot of speculation as to who may be her next suitor. Names like Zac Efron, Drake, and even Leonardo DiCaprio have popped up, but there is another name that seems to be more interesting than all of them.

According to Channel News Asia, South Korean actor Lee Min-Ho and Swift could very well end up together to form the couple that the pop culture world has been waiting for: SwiftLee.

Now, there is not a lot behind the relationship talk as of yet, but it started to really heat up once Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston broke up. The 29-year-old South Korean actor has been busy with numerous things, including a gig with Coca-Cola.

taylor swift lee min-ho tom hiddleston break-up dating
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The one big thing that could squash all this talk is that Lee Min-Ho has been in a relationship with Suzy Bae that has been on again and off again more times than you can count. The couple has tried to ignore the talk that they have split up for good and have vehemently denied it as all.

iTech Post even reported that 21-year-old actress Suzy Bae was having an affair with actor Kim Woo Bin who she starred with in Uncontrollably Fond. These rumors reportedly led to Lee Min-Ho asking her to leave the show so their relationship would not be in jeopardy any further.

All of that has been squashed by Lee Min-Ho and Suzy Bae as nothing but false reports. Unfortunately for them, that also added fuel to the fire that Lee would be a great match for the recently single and ready to mingle Taylor Swift.

Making things even a bit more confusing is that Australia Network News reports that Suzy Bae did not make a big deal on social media about Lee Min-Ho’s birthday. Some people have taken this to mean that there are still troubles in their relationship.

Any talk of Taylor Swift and Lee Min-Ho being in a relationship or even looking to get into one is way too early right now. The “Shake It Off” singer is indeed single, but Lee Min-Ho is said to still be in a committed relationship and has shown no true signs of it ending.

In the world of pop culture and entertainment, though, stranger things have happened. Swift being single and available would be an enticing thought for any young man out there, but could their relationship really work from opposite ends of the world?

Some people may not think that the ideal man for Taylor Swift is a big deal, but that is always one of the hottest topics in pop culture. After her and Tom Hiddleston broke up, some believed she may just stay single for a while. Well, she still is as of this writing, but it seems that Zac Efron, South Korean actor Lee Min-ho, Leonardo DiCaprio, or any number of guys may be the next in line to be in the eyes of the paparazzi’s camera with her.

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