Paulie Calafiore Gets Blasted In ‘Big Brother’ Jury House, But Zakiyah Everette Stands By Her Man

Paulie Calafiore continues to make waves on Big Brother 18, and he’s not even on the show anymore. Calafiore’s explosive jury house fight with Da’Vonne Rogers was shown during this week’s love eviction episode on CBS, and after seeing it play out on TV, it’s clear that this will be the most divided jury in Big Brother history.

Paulie and Da’Vonne’s shouting match, which can be seen in the video below, pretty much seals the deal that he will never be friends with Rogers or fellow ousted player Bridgette Dunning. Rogers called Calafiore a “punk-a** b***h,” among other niceties, while Dunning told him straight up, “You disgust me.”

Calafiore’s fight began after he said he is tired of the “passive-aggressive girls” in the Big Brother house ostracizing Zakiyah because she decided to be friendly with him again. When Rogers accused Calafiore of not having Z’s back in the Big Brother game the way James Huling has Natalie Negrotti’s, Paulie alluded to the mean girl gang up, saying, “Do I not have her back in this house?”

Indeed, based on what viewers saw, Paulie Calafiore seems to have rekindled some sort of relationship with his Big Brother showmance after their initial rocky reunion in the jury house, and he has felt the need to protect her from the other women in the jury house.

When Da’Vonne flipped out on Paulie, she called out Zakiyah for “laying” with him. Things got really ugly when Paulie said Da’Vonne was setting a bad example for her daughter. Meanwhile, Zakiyah didn’t appreciate Bridgette’s comment that she deserves better than Paulie.

“Zakiyah, I love you, you’re beautiful. I think you deserve more than this. Paulie, you disgust me,” Dunning said, to which Zakiyah responded, “Just leave me alone.”

Paulie Calafiore’s family has been vocal on social media during this Big Brother season, but after the fight aired, his brother, Cody Calafiore, told fans to keep their negative comments to themselves.

Some BB18 fans were surprised to see that Paulie and Zakiyah are now on good terms. When he turned up in the jury house, Z accused Calafiore of knowing that she was going to be evicted when he didn’t use the Power of Veto to save her. Paulie accused his showmance of not being totally loyal to her either, and the conversation turned into a screaming match, with Zakiyah calling Paulie a “b***h” and a “loser.”

Still, Zakiyah didn’t rule out a future relationship with Paulie Calafiore when she spoke to Us Weekly shortly after her eviction. Before the other jury house girls had her ear, Zakiyah blamed Paulie’s Big Brother game for their tumultuous relationship, and she even teased that she saw potential for them in the real world.

“Outside of the house I think he has potential,” Zakiyah said of Calafiore. “You never know what can happen.”

“With every action with Paulie, I feel like it was simply strategic. I had a roller coaster with Paulie in the house, but I think the game had a lot to do with it.”

While Zakiyah made it sound like she would leave the door open for a romance with Paulie Calafiore outside of the Big Brother house, the jury house is not the real world. Many fans are still confused as to what the status of Paulie and Zakiyah’s relationship is, but they have some definite opinions on it, as do several alums of the CBS reality show.

Tune into the Big Brother finale on Wednesday, September 21 (9:30 p.m. ET on CBS) to see Paulie Calafiore and the rest of the jurors cast their votes for the Season 18 winner.

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