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Rory Feek On Life Without Joey, And Whether He’ll Ever Make Music Without Her

Rory Feek and Joey Feek were one of the most adorable musical couples that performed impressive numbers in the American country and bluegrass genre. In fact, the couple, who was popularly known as Joey + Rory, was considered as one of the most ideal couples when they won third place in CMT’s Can You Duet television competition in 2008.

However, destiny had planned something else for the happy couple as their life took an unexpected turn when Joey was diagnoses with cervical cancer just a few months after she gave birth to Indiana, the couple’s only daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. Rory Feek and his ailing wife went through turbulent times, but claimed to find strength in their unflinching faith in God. Ultimately, in March, 2016, Joey lost her battle against cancer leaving Rory Feek a single parent to their 2-year-old daughter.

As Joey + Rory, the duo had scaled greater heights together by recording eight studio albums which featured beautiful country songs, many of which made it to the Hot Country Songs chart. More importantly, Joey was Rory’s strength as she had provided him with the much-needed support during the time when he was a single father to his two daughters from an earlier marriage.

Apart from loving Rory, Joey also bonded well with Heidi and Hopie, his daughters, by proving to be a loving mother figure. Rory Feek reveals that his wife loved him so much that she was more worried about the prospect of leaving him alone rather than worrying about her declining health. According to People magazine, Rory Feek spoke about how worried Joey was about him when she was faced with the prospect of her imminent death.

“[Joey] just couldn’t bear the idea that she was going to leave me a single parent again because I’d already been through it.”

It’s just been six months since his beloved wife passed away and Rory Feek admits that he has not yet come to terms with the harsh reality of life without his wife. In fact, he is yet to order a headstone for the grave where Joey is resting in peace. According to Today, Joey was laid to rest in a cemetery that is 100 yards behind their Tennessee farmhouse.

Rory Feek claims that he feels closeness with his late wife as he sits on the backyard porch that overlooks the cemetery, as well as feeling connected to Joey whenever he sees video footage of their previous stage performances. Many times, the country singer fools himself into thinking that this might be a temporary phase and his departed wife will come back in his life. However, he seems to be slowly coming to terms with Joey’s loss as he has hinted that he might embark on his music career yet again: but not too soon.

According to the New York Daily News, a recovering Rory Feek spoke about the difficulties he is currently facing, and his reluctance to create music without his wife.

“I just don’t want to make music without her. But I also know time changes things. So I won’t say never. It’s just where I am today.”

It seems is the widespread public demand that is goading the country star to relive his wife’s memories by producing a documentary that is intended to serve as a fitting tribute to Joey. Many fans found inspiration in Rory and Joey’s tragic love story which showed that many beautiful things happen in the same space as tragedy. Titled as To Joey with Love, the documentary highlights the struggles that the couple faced in their times of turmoil and turbulence. More importantly, the documentary shows how the couple, harrowed by life’s circumstances, held on to their faith in God, even in times of calamity. Besides the documentary, Rory Feek has also written a book titled This Life I Live which will enable readers to appreciate how his late wife proved instrumental in turning Rory’s life around in troubled times.

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