The Last ‘Batman V Superman’ Easter Egg Has Finally Been Found

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice may have been forgettable for some fans, but give the writers and producers credit for stuffing it full of Easter Eggs. In fact, some were so obscure it took fans months to finally uncover them.

As reported by Uproxx, the seemingly last Easter Egg left undiscovered has been found, and it’s a doozy!

In a nod to Superman co-creator Joe Schuster, Twitter user Critical Mass pointed out that a screenshot of a map of Ontario happened to be onscreen during a pivotal scene involving Bruce Wayne. Ontario happened to be the birthplace of the Superman comic book artist. And while it seemed to be something extremely obscure, set photographer Clay Enos took to his account to confirm it.

Regardless of whether you thought Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice lived up to the hype or failed to meet expectations, it’s clear little touches like these showed just how much the producers and writers were fans of the source material. And while the birthplace of Joe Shuster might be on the more obscure side, there were plenty of more direct Easter Eggs for fans to sink their teeth into.

Comic Book Resources gave a rundown of the more blatant Easter Eggs after Dawn of Justice hit theaters so fans could be on the lookout in case they missed something the first time around. Some of them leaned toward the likes of the Joe Shuster map, and when Perry White hurled the insult “It’s not 1938 anymore” at Clark Kent to criticize his reporting instincts.

Others, as the article points out, are more direct about revealing Easter Eggs to fans, such as the fate and likely demise of Batman’s trusty sidekick, Robin. As Ben Affleck’s Batman tours his new Batcave in one scene, Robin’s costume is encased in glass with the words “HA HA THE JOKE’S ON YOU” scribbled across. It was a pretty clear nod to the famous “Death of Jason Todd” story from 1986 when fans got to vote on the fate of the then “new” Robin.

Unpopular at the time, Jason Todd met his end at the hands of the Joker, a character who recently popped up onscreen in Suicide Squad earlier this year and was played by Jared Leto. Whether or not this version of Robin that was killed was Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake or Damien Wayne remains to be seen. All four are potential options for the Batman V Superman universe Zack Snyder was trying to create, but no one was specified exclusively.

Batman V Superman Easter Eggs
Image via Warner Bros.

Of course, that aforementioned universe-building was one of the many complaints fans had about Batman V Superman to begin with. Point blank, critics and fans alike felt Snyder was trying to cram too many classic stories, including “Death of Superman” and “Dark Knight Returns,” into one movie, not to mention setting the table for next year’s Justice League movie. The film also introduced Wonder Woman into the fold. Diana Prince will be starring in her own solo movie next summer as well.

The disjointed cramming of several plot lines into one film led to critics panning Batman V Superman, and in turn, a less-than-successful box office take considering how much money went into both the making of and marketing for the film. It also created serious doubts in the movie-going public as to whether Zack Snyder can handle the task of competing with a Marvel Universe that has cohesively built up their universe over the course of several years.

Maybe if Zack Snyder spent less time inserting Easter Eggs into Batman V Superman and more time on the script, the film would have fared better. Still, these nods to the comics are fun.

[Image via Warner Bros.]