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$3,000 Nissan: Automotive Giant To Revive Datsun [Video]


Nissan Motor Company has recently announced its plans to relaunch a retro-brand Datsun with a price tag in the range of $3,000 to $5,000.

According to interviews with Nissan’s CEO — Carlos Ghosn — and other company executives, the Datsun reboot is expected to hit select markets (India, Indonesia, and Russia) in 2014 and will be extremely basic; a full complement of airbags and automatic transmissions will be missing from the bare-bones automobiles, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The WSJ also noted that in order to cut costs, Nissan will source parts almost entirely from the country in which the finished product is to be made and sold.

“If you go to the US, it’s not going to end up being $3,000,” Ghosn told the paper in an article published Monday.

Ghosn added the new brand will be one of Nissan’s primary “accelerators of growth,” in the company’s campaign to grab 8 percent of the world market by 2016, up from 6 percent at present.

If Nissan continues forward with its Datsun revival, the automaker will set a new lows for the pricing of an auto in the emerging market.

At the $3,000, the new Datsun vehicle will be nearly a third the price of Nissan’s current most inexpensive car, the $8,000 Tsuru compact sold in Mexico.

Datsun — the first set of wheels for many teens in the 60s and 70s — was discontinued in 1986 despite being the second largest selling foreign brand in the United States just a few years prior.

The WSJ has more on the forthcoming $3,000 Nissan Datsun in the video below:

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26 Responses to “$3,000 Nissan: Automotive Giant To Revive Datsun [Video]”

  1. Christal A Peruzzi-Wright

    My pop had one of these way back when I was a little girl in the 80's!

  2. Frederick B. Giles

    First off I buy American First, but I had a Datsun/Nissan Maxima and that car was unstoppable. Seriously, after 200,000 miles the engine ran like a freaking swiss watch. Bringing back Datsun is a good idea.

  3. Frank Deon

    and as usual the best models of every " import " are unavailable to the US market. Why? Because the tree hugging, save everyone form everything that can possibly hurt them fruit cakes, would make it too expensive to market here. Thanks again.

  4. Scott Larson

    If all the parts are made in America how is it not an American car?

  5. Robert Marino

    We bought a $27K X-Terra from Nissan, the smog system self destructed before we had made the last payment.
    We were given the choice of paying 2K for a new smog system or junking the vehicle. Nissian said not their problem. We paid the $2K , the check engine light went out just long enough to pass smog then came right back on…

    My point, I don't trust Nissan products.

  6. Webster Phreaky

    Oh Jesus, if the parts for the Russian car is "local sourced" the new car smell will be Vodka…. and the Indian car will stink of Curry and Insence. I had a 76 280Z and a 72 510, I raced both in Modified SCCA classes at Ate Up BMW's and Corvettes! After Datsun turned into Nissan, the cars became CHIT!

  7. R.f. Dawkins

    Had a DATSUN 1972 B 110 little four cylinder that reminded me of a mode, A Ford. Ran evcellent, drove good and was just all around good car. If I could find one I would buy another.

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