Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto at the iPhone 7 Launch

Nintendo NX Release Date Reveal Imminent? Reddit Speculation Points Towards TGS 2016 Reveal

The upcoming Nintendo NX’s reveal could be imminent, according to growing speculation. According to the Express, many users of the social network Reddit are speculating that Nintendo may show their newest games console at the Tokyo Game Show 2016, whilst also providing a 2017 release date. With the 2016 show now well underway, are Nintendo about to officially unveil their newest gaming hardware?

This year’s Tokyo Games Show will run from September 15 to 18. However, the show is often preceded by conferences from the major Japanese-based manufacturers. Nintendo’s main rival, Sony, has already taken to the stage to show off their latest PlayStation hardware, leaving many fans speculating over whether Nintendo will do the same. According to IGN, Nintendo doesn’t typically make an appearance at TGS, largely because it doesn’t have all that much to show at this time of year. However, with their upcoming NX console expected to take place in early 2017, all evidence points towards a surprise appearance from Nintendo at this year’s show.

That being said, Nintendo doesn’t necessarily have to make an appearance at TGS in order to unveil the NX. Speculation points towards an NX reveal during the TGS window, meaning Nintendo could choose to reveal the NX through the medium of their Nintendo Direct broadcasts. However, such broadcasts have typically been reserved for showing off software and not hardware by Nintendo in the past.

Reddit’s page dedicated to the Nintendo NX has been alive with speculation for the past few weeks, following Nintendo’s promise earlier this year that an NX reveal would come in the latter part of the year. However, that reveal doesn’t necessarily have to come during TGS. Renowned podcaster Kevin Pereira has used Twitter to suggest that he has insider knowledge that the NX will be shown off at GameStop Expo 2016, an event that Nintendo does typically have a track record of making an appearance at, which could be promising news for Nintendo fans.


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Nintendo has already begun taking something of a different direction under new CEO Tatsumi Kimishima. The company recently made an appearance at an Apple event to showcase a new Super Mario Bros. game for Apple’s iPhone 7. A move that would have been all but unthinkable just a few years ago. Their decision to make an appearance at that event and release an iOS exclusive game signals a major change in Nintendo’s strategy.

With that in mind, the prospect of an appearance from Nintendo at the Tokyo Game Show this year isn’t all that unthinkable. With Nintendo expected to launch their newest hardware at some point in March 2017, the Japanese video games giant is quickly running out of time to officially unveil it. In fact, if Nintendo doesn’t choose to show their NX in the coming weeks, it could very well signal a delay in release for new console, which isn’t all that unlikely considering Nintendo is still enjoying the success of the NX’s predecessor, the 3DS.

Nintendo used an event in early September to show off a slew of upcoming titles for the 3DS, which is an interesting move considering the NX is expected to be just around the corner. The Nintendo Direct broadcast announced 3DS titles to be released both this year and next year, signalling the 3DS is still very much alive. So when will Nintendo finally decide to break their silence and show off the widely speculated NX?

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