Ciara Pregnant With Russell Wilson’s Baby Amid Feud With Baby Daddy Future?

Is Ciara expecting a child with NFL player Russell Wilson?

Just months after tying the knot in a lavish ceremony in Liverpool, England, new reports suggest that the “Goodies” hitmaker is pregnant. Fans and the media are basing their allegations on a video the singer posted on her Twitter page dancing with the former Miss Americas, during which she supposedly shows off a slight baby bump.

While the Atlanta-raised star hasn’t addressed these reports just yet, Ciara has been very vocal about wanting to start a family with the man she considers the love of her life after gushing about how great Russell is with her two-year-old son, Future Jr.

So, if it is true that Ciara is expecting another baby, fans wouldn’t be that surprised considering how much the couple wants to have a child of their own together.

In the Twitter video, where she supposedly sports her baby bump, her stomach isn’t that big for one to believe she’s pregnant, but at certain angles, there’s definitely a slight bulge. However, whether that stems from being in her early months of pregnancy is still unclear.

“There’s one heavily pregnant woman on the right side of the frame, but Ciara’s fans couldn’t get over their belief that something seemed up with her outfit. The singer has washboard abs and likes to flaunt that,” Hollywood Life adds, making it known that Ciara is usually too toned and fit to all of a sudden sport a fuller figure.

The outlet goes on to say that the only time Ciara ever happens to exhibit a fuller frame is when she’s expecting a baby. Since the bump isn’t that noticeable yet, there is no reason for the “I Bet” singer to confirm any reports that she is pregnant. And even if she is expecting, perhaps the couple just wants to wait until they are ready to share the news.

Fans have also taken to social media wondering why Ciara is wearing stretch pants to cover her stomach. One fan, in particular, is convinced that the stretch pants were worn to cover up the bump so people wouldn’t get the impression she’s pregnant. The cover-up obviously failed if the rumors are true that she is, in fact, expecting her second child, Hip Hop Hollywood shares.

Another fan then argued, saying that if Ciara was pregnant and didn’t want people to know about it, why would she have made all this effort just to avoid the chance of others finding out? She’s never been that much of a private person when it comes to news regarding pregnancy.

Whatever the case may be, the pregnancy rumor comes just days after Ciara’s baby father, Future, took another dig at her in his latest song, “How It Feel.” The rapper, who has shared a very public feud with the singer since their breakup in 2014, claims to have kept CiCi relevant at a time when her music career had stalled before boasting about having slept with an R&B star.

The repulsive lyrics come just months after the twosome fought over the custody of their son. Ciara hopes that she can eventually file for sole custody of her son. Actions like these from the father’s side are certainly counter-productive, especially when Ciara will always be attached to the rapper due to the child she shares with him.

[Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Keds]