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Emma Watson’s ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Costume Revealed: Is She Still Perfect For Belle?

Let’s be honest. Emma Watson is the “it” girl and has been since she walked into the Yule Ball wearing that dazzling pink dress in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She was sassy, smart, kind, and brave as Hermione. She fueled her flirty yet sisterly side in Perks of Being a Wallflower. All the while, she remained a down-to-earth, charity-minded, academic individual—even graduating from Brown University.

But now, Emma Watson is getting more attention for a major upcoming role than for anything else that has happened in her life recently. When it was announced that Emma Watson had been cast as Belle in the live-action Beauty and the Beast hitting theaters in March 2017, many fans went crazy with excitement.

More than anything else, though, people were extremely eager to see what Watson’s Belle would look like—that is, what she would wear in the role.

As Emma Watson takes on the role of another famous bookworm (in addition to her History of Hogwarts-loving Hermione), HarpersBazaar notes that she’ll also “revamp Belle’s dresses.”

After months of waiting and the circulation of numerous photo-shopped pics on the internet, we’ve seen her initial costume.

The Inquisitr reported on Tuesday in their first look at the featurette released with the 25th Anniversary Edition of Beauty and the Beast that Belle’s costume had been among the many concept art images revealed in the sneak peek. (For more information on the new featurette, check out the full article here.)

“The designers and artists working on this film are obviously passionate about retaining the original flare of the 1991 film. Watson dons an iconic blue dress over a white blouse. Tucked by her waist are a couple of towels, emphasizing her social class.”

One particular aspect of Emma’s initial costume that has drawn speculation is her shoes.

Many people dislike them since they are very different from the petite and delicate flats that Paige O’Hara’s 1991 animated character wore. While they may be more time-period friendly, do they fit with Belle’s character?

Two other aspects that are different from the original are Belle’s apron and hair, Hollywood Life reported.

“The drawing for Emma’s dress show that her outfit is a little more rough around the edges than the original. It looks a bit dirty and used, but more real. The white apron has been ditched for a pleated blue one. […] Belle’s bowed updo is a thing of the past. Emma’s rocking a messier ‘do, with a very low pony laying over her left shoulder.”

Teen Vogue notes that Emma Watson is the perfect Belle—if only for the fact that she can pluck at the heartstrings of skeptics and dissenters.

“Back in May, we got our first glimpse of Emma Watson in the Beauty and the Beast remake. You could see about half her face wide-eyed behind the iconic rose, and it was still enough to strike feels in the hearts of even remake haters. Now a closer look at her costuming proves Emma is a beyond perfect choice, to the point where she should probably even be retroactively CGI-ed into the original movie.”

Emma Watson has been commended already by her predecessor, Paige O’Hara, and by Alan Menken himself, who said that he honestly “[couldn’t] picture anyone else.”

It is unsurprising that Watson was cast in this role, considering her talent for playing bookworms and gentle, motherly types, as well as her versatility and gracefulness. In addition to her beloved British accent, Emma has always tried to act in a sensible and refined manner—and succeeds repeatedly (as evidenced by the screen test below).

What do you think? Is she really the perfect Belle? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]