A Hillary Clinton supporter said he feels 'misled' after being 'tricked' to appear in a Donald Trump campaign commercial.

Donald Trump Campaign Ad: Clinton Supporter ‘Tricked’ Into Appearing In GOP Candidate Commercial

A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, construction worker and a Haddon Heights, New Jersey, store owner received a surprise when they viewed the content of a recent Donald Trump campaign ad, as reported by Raw Story.

The Trump campaign ad, which is reportedly being aired in battleground states, includes the facade of John’s Family Market, a family-owned business, headed by Grethe Kiley who said that, while she was aware that a film crew was using the storefront, she thought that they were gathering footage for a “toilet paper commercial or something.”

“I thought it would be toilet paper,” Michael Brooks, a panelist with The Young Turks, joked, imagining the thought process of the store owner considering the request to film and subsequently learning it was for a Donald Trump campaign commercial. “I had no idea it would be something disgusting.”

Kiley reports that the store has received complaints from longtime customers who have seen the Trump campaign ad, stating that if it is supporting the Republican nominee that they will be shopping elsewhere.

The second person who unwillingly appeared in the Donald Trump campaign commercial is Calvin Anderson, a Philadelphia resident, Hillary Clinton supporter, and member of Cement Masons’ International Association. Anderson was shown in the Trump campaign spot wearing a hardhat bearing the union’s logo after being filmed on a job site in July.

“We thought it had something to do with the building,” Anderson was quoted by Raw Story. “Before you know it he said, ‘Sign these waivers.’ I’m like, ‘Waivers for what?’ And it had nothing on there about Trump.”

A New Jersey store owner and Pennsylvania constructions worker are among two Hillary Clinton supporters who reported being 'misled' when they agreed to be filmed for footage that was used to produce Donald Trump campaign ads.
Trump supporters listen to the GOP nominee speak in Pensacola, Florida on September 9. [Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images]

Daniel Stepano, the president of the masons’ union, sent a letter to its membership explaining that Anderson had been “misled.”

“Part of the reason they [the Donald Trump campaign] do this is because they can’t get African-Americans to voluntarily be in a Donald Trump ad,” Cenk Uygur of TYT observed with regard to Anderson.

Uygur spoke about a seeming problem with the Trump campaign attracting small business owners as well.

Calvin Anderson reported learning about his part in the Trump campaign from his nonagenarian grandmother, who called him to report her sighting of his “twin” in a Donald Trump campaign commercial.

“Granny, that’s me,” Anderson reportedly told his grandmother.

“I’m gonna shoot you,” was his grandmother’s reported response.

Cenk Uygur also relayed a story about the history of John’s Family Market in New Jersey, with the shop being operated by the daughters of its founder, John Johnson. The TYT founder spoke about how, during economic downturns, Johnson would allow customers to charge groceries and how this generosity made him “beloved” by members of the community.

“This was when you had small businesses who were run by human beings,” Uygur stated.

The TYT panel then contrasted Johnson’s generosity with what they would expect from Donald Trump or other corporatists who would “charge more” to people who had fallen upon hard times.

“You had ’em by the ****, why didn’t you do something. Loser,” Uygur mimicked how he seemingly might imagine Donald Trump reacting to John Johnson’s generosity.

Hillary Clinton supporters 'misled,' 'tricked' into appearing in Donald Trump campaign commercial.
Donald Trump speaks in Cleveland, Ohio on September 8. [Photo by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images]

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were both in New York to remember the September 11, 2001, attacks today, as reported by the Inquisitr. Clinton suffered from becoming “overheated” and was helped from the official September 11 ceremony.

Current poll averages, reported by Real Clear Politics, show the Hillary Clinton campaign leading the Donald Trump campaign 46.0 percent to 42.9 percent. The most recent poll tracked by Real Clear Politics, conducted by the Los Angeles Times/USC Tracking, shows the Clinton campaign beating the Trump campaign by just one point, 45 percent to 44 percent.

[Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images]