Kentucky parents mugshots

Police: Seven-Week-Old Baby Violently Murdered By Kentucky Parents

Two Kentucky parents have entered pleas of not guilty to chares that they murdered their own seven-week-old daughter. Local 8 Now reports that Jessica and Gary Nicely were initially charged with assault, but those charges were upgraded after the newborn baby died while in the hospital suffering from numerous injuries. Now, authorities in Laurel County have declared that they are bringing the married couple to justice for what was allegedly done to the helpless infant.

Allegations of abuse — which led to murder charges — became apparent when the seven-week-old baby, along with her twin, was taken to the hospital. Medical staff determined that both of the infants had been victims of child abuse, but seven-week-old Mia suffered from far more serious injuries than her sister. Just days after she was admitted into the hospital, the allegedly-battered baby succumbed to her injuries. She passed away last week at Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

Authorities say that seven-week-old Mia suffered from numerous injuries, which were associated with intentional child abuse. Among her injuries were multiple bone fractures and various other trauma. Ultimately, the newborn’s cause of death was listed as “non-accidental inflicted trauma.”

Her twin also suffered numerous injuries, which included broken bones that were in various stages of healing. This, medical professionals say, is indicative of ongoing abuse. Fortunately, the twin of baby Mia has survived the ordeal. However, Mia was not so lucky, and now her parents are being brought to justice for what authorities are calling a case of murder.

This isn’t the first time a newborn baby has been allegedly killed by its own parents. Last year, a New Jersey mother was arrested after she reportedly sat her newborn baby on fire. Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier was charged with murder at the time of the horrifying incident, which attracted the attention of national media. Ultimately, the New Jersey mother was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment.

Also last year, a 19-year-old Illinois woman allegedly dropped her newborn daughter from a high rise apartment window in order to hide the fact that she was pregnant. Mubashra Uddin hid her pregnancy from her devoutly Muslim parents until she gave birth to the infant in her bedroom. The newborn baby girl was healthy at the time of birth, but was quickly murdered by being tossed out the eighth-story window.

Earlier this year, two parents were arrested for allegedly starving their newborn baby to death. The three-month-old infant suffered from “parental inattention,” which resulted in his death. The reason behind the child’s neglect attracted national media attention. The two Bellingham parents are accused of neglecting the infant while they played video games for multiple hours, forgetting to feed him. Aside from the neglect suffered by the child, authorities have noted that there were no signs of physical abuse.

As for the Kentucky parents in this latest case, both Jessica and Gary Nicely have been charged — each — with a count of murder, and a count of criminal abuse. Both charges are first-degree charges, which could land them in prison for the rest of their lives if convicted. Sheriff’s Deputy Gilbert Acciardo says that this is “a very horrible case” of child abuse and murder. He’s referred to the charges against the Kentucky parents as “serious.” Meanwhile, both of the parents of the slain infant remain jailed on bond in the amount of $100,000.

[Mugshots via Laurel County Sheriff’s Office]