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Harry Styles Lays Low With Kendall Jenner As Mum Gives Believe In Magic Founder A Boost

The big news about Harry Styles during early September is that there is no news — perhaps due to the fact he is on a spending spree after signing a major contract, buying a new house in Hollywood, and finishing his first movie.

However, Harry Styles might be taking a break from social media, but his sister and mother are stepping up into the media spotlight for a good cause.

In lieu of creating his own updates, J-14 gives a summary of the post-production of Harry Styles’ acting role in Dunkirk with a quote from Simon Cowell on September 9.

“I haven’t seen [Dunkirk] yet. I heard [Harry Styles is] amazing in it. I know people who worked on the movie and he is incredible apparently. He’ll do well. And he’s a great guy.”

That is good news since Simon Cowell was less happy with Zayn Malik for his involvement in the film industry. When news broke that Zayn Malik was following in Harry Styles’ footsteps by signing on for a behind-the-scenes role with a new television show about boy bands called Boys, Simon Cowell was quoted by ET Online stating that Zayn Malik should have “consulted with me first.”

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles by Peter Michael Dills and Jason Merritt c
Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles might be hanging out as friends in Los Angeles in early September. [Photo by Peter Michael Dills and Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

However, it is well-known that Simon Cowell, Harry Styles, and other extended members of the One Direction family are concerned about charity as much as careers. For this reason, it should not be surprise to learn that Harry Styles’ sister, Gemma Styles, and his mother, Anne Twist, have been promoting good causes.

Gemma Styles published in The Debrief on September 10 about being body positive. In particular, Gemma Styles detailed her argument about why the latest hashtag trend #MermaidThighs was not very body positive. About the trend, Gemma Styles wrote the following.

“Telling women they ‘should’ have a thigh gap is nonsense – but equally I think telling people they ‘should’ have mermaid thighs is rubbish too – because it’s still a ‘should.'”

The other activist in Harry Styles’ family, Anne Twist, has also been active on social media for charities. For example, Harry Styles’ mom tweeted in early September about a £50,000 Just Giving cause for Meg.

Like all charity fundraisers, the person is special, but Meg is a person heavily involved with founding one of One Direction’s favorite charities: Believe in Magic charity trust.

According to the Just Giving webpage for Meg, Lucie Brennan Neff writes the following about the help Meg needs right now to fight another brain tumor.

“Meg is now in a position where she desperately needs our help. Her treatment options are very limited in the U.K. so she traveled by ship with her mum to America to seek treatment options only available in the U.S.”

So far, £4,445 ($5,897) has been raised out of £50,000 ($66,333).

Of course, having Harry Styles’ mom tweet about your charity works, and a good is example is how Anne Twist helped get the Save Skylark Trust a boost.

The original goal for the fundraiser was £4000 ($5306), and, with the help of Harry Styles’ fans, the Skylark Trust ended up raising over £4,616 ($6123). The funds were raised to help restore the Skylark boat that saved hundreds of lives during World War II.

harry Styles Dunkirk
Harry Styles updates are likely over until the film debuts in theaters. (Photo by: KGC-49-182/STAR MAX/IPx)

One Direction fans took interest in the fundraiser because boats like Skylark were represented in the Harry Styles movie, Dunkirk.

Nevertheless, Harry Styles’ social media absence is unlikely to be for an unfortunate reason. For example, Harry Styles just bought luxury real estate in Hollywood, according to Trulia.

In the end, there are few rumors going around about Harry Styles that fans will be listening out for. In particular, will Harry Styles buying a house in Hollywood mean there will be more sightings of Kendall Jenner with Harry?

E! Online even goes as far as saying in early September that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner might end up “rekindling an old flame” because they have been seen hanging out together in Los Angeles.

Rumors that are more likely pertain to Harry Styles’ real life are related to his next music collaboration. According to Capital FM, Anthony Keidis of Red Hot Chili Peppers said that he was actively writing music with Harry Styles and stated the following.

“We’ve got 20 to 30 songs that didn’t make the album and are on the cutting room floor. There’s one that could be great for young Harry.”

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]