Bizarre Fan Theory Claims Taylor Swift Is Satanic Church Leader, Possibly Secret Child Of Zeena LaVey

Bizarre Fan Theory Claims Taylor Swift Is Satanic Church Leader, Possibly Secret Child Of Zeena LaVey

A bizarre fan theory has started to circulate across the Internet claiming that Taylor Swift is actually Zeena LaVey, the former leader of the Church of Satan.

Some claim that Taylor Swift may be the reincarnation of Zeena LaVey. However, LaVey, now 52, is still alive and well. Others have claimed that Zeena LaVey has used black magic to make herself eternally young, thus taking on the moniker of Taylor Swift so that she may spread the praise of Satan through pop music idolization. Other fan theories believe Taylor Swift to be the secret daughter of Zeena LaVey.

Taylor Swift looks incredibly similar to Zeena LaVey, the former Church of Satan High Priestess. LaVey led the church from 1985 until 1990, according to Metro. At that time, Zeena LaVey, daughter of founder Anton LaVey, left the church and retreated to Berlin where she now resides. Her lack of public appearances has fed the rumors since they were started in 2011.

Conspiracy theorists claim that Taylor Swift is often seen throwing the horns of Satan into the air during her concerts, thus tying her to the Church of Satan. However, the horns are often displayed historically during rock concerts and have made their way into the crowds of many other forms of music as well, including pop.

The far-fetched conspiracy theories are taking the Internet by storm as fans discuss the possibility of Taylor Swift being a member of the Church of Satan and possibly Zeena LaVey herself.

One theory that claims Taylor Swift is the reincarnation of LaVey is easily disproved since Zeena LaVey is still alive and well. Yet, it is still making its way across the Internet.

Another theory claims that Taylor Swift is actually a clone of Zeena LaVey, explaining why the two look so similar.

A third theory states that black magic was used to rejuvenate Zeena LaVey and either transplant her into Taylor Swift’s body or, due to the black magic, Taylor Swift is actually Zeena LaVey. Of course, all of the conspiracy theories are laughable and highly unlikely.

Another theory may be plausible, yet still unlikely. The theory claims that 28-year-old Taylor Swift is the secret daughter of Zeena LaVey, thus explaining the uncanny similarity in appearance. If this theory were true, Zeena LaVey would have given birth to Taylor Swift at 24-years-old. However, that does not explain how Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Swift are recognized as Taylor’s parents. Therefore, the entire thought of Taylor Swift being connected to Zeena LaVey and the Church of Satan is simply ridiculous.

Whether there is a real connection or not, the misconception of the Church of Satan has made the conspiracy theory much more controversial than it should be.

In reality, the Church of Satan does not worship the devil or any deity for that matter. In fact, it is a peaceful religion that relies on the concept of doing unto others as you wish for them to do unto you. Largely, Satanists are Atheist in practice. Satan is more of a metaphorical representation of the freedom from religion as a whole.

According to the Daily Mail, Taylor Swift has not returned calls to comment regarding the conspiracy theory, neither confirming or denying anything. However, it is not expected that she will return any calls regarding the absurd conspiracy theories.

What are your thoughts, are you in the conspiracy camp or is it total nonsense?

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