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Jaden Smith Is Dead? No, But The Hoax May Be Stressing His Parents’ Marriage And Could It Be A Publicity Stunt? [Video]

How many times has Jaden Smith died in his short 18 years? A lot. And as fans and critics of Jaden Smith alike know, most of his rumored deaths have been suicides, and the majority have taken place this summer. So what gives? Who is behind all of the Jaden Smith death hoaxes and what kind of havoc are they wrecking on the lives of people close to Jaden? Is it possible that all of this talk about Jaden Smith committing suicide or otherwise dying could be nothing more than an attempt to keep his name in the spotlight and his career flying high?

Since summer 2016 began, Jaden has been hit with three separate internet death hoaxes involving his alleged suicide. The first big Jaden Smith death rumor hit the ‘net around the time of his long-awaited 18th birthday. Fans were shocked and saddened when they heard the news that the social media darling had killed himself, suddenly and seemingly without warning.

At the time, Jaden Smith seemed to be on top of the world. His career was better than it had ever been, he was the first male face of Louis Vuitton’s women’s wear, ready to drop his long-awaited freshman solo album, partying it up in England and dating the incomparable Sarah Snyder. Jaden had no reason in the world to end his own life, but rumor had it that he’d done just that.

Unsurprisingly, social media and entertainment websites blew up with the story that Jaden Smith was dead. It took weeks to quell the rumors that Jaden was dead, even after new pics of the son of Hollywood royalty began to circulate. However, as often happens when a celebrity dies (even if their death is not real), Jaden Smith’s name was suddenly everywhere, giving his projects a huge boost, getting people talking about his album, fashion line, and modeling career.

Jaden even ended up on a bunch of magazine covers soon thereafter; by then fans (for the most part) knew he was alive.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and the Internet had killed of Jaden Smith once again. The second time around, Jaden Smith had reportedly created a suicide video and hung himself after an emotional goodbye. Despite having just survived one death hoax, the public was more than willing to buy into the second one. That’s because, at the time, Jaden Smith’s long-time girlfriend was blasted on social media by a photographer who tweeted a picture of the two allegedly in bed together.

Fans of Jaden Smith thought that their hunky but sensitive heartthrob had killed himself because of the betrayal.

A few days later, Jaden Smith (looking remarkably alive and well for a guy who’d just hung himself) and Snyder were photographed shopping and snacking together in California. The baseless suicide rumors did, however, serve the purpose of drawing attention to Jaden Smith right about the time his new Netflix series The Get Down and his dad’s blockbuster Suicide Squad hit the screens.

Last weekend, round three of the summer of the Jaden Smith suicide hoax kicked off. This time around, the rumors seemed to come out of nowhere and were quickly debunked. Sort of. People are still talking about the death of Jaden Smith; even though they know he’s still alive, everybody’s trying to figure out why Jaden Smith keeps killing himself and living to tell the tale.

Oh, and the newest Jaden Smith suicide hoax lined up nicely with Jaden Smith’s (and Rich The Kid’s) new music video for the track “Like This.” Quite a coincidence, but according to Chat Sports Net, nothing more than that. According to the website, the newest Jaden Smith suicide rumors have nothing to do with promoting the video. Even though, like many of Jaden Smith’s other summer projects, the “Like This” video suddenly tallied up “some amazing hits” after the faux news of Jaden Smith’s most recent suicide hit the rumor mill.

The bottom line is that nobody knows the source of these repeated Jaden Smith suicide/death rumors, so nobody can know for sure whether or not they are all a massive (and epically successful) string of publicity stunts. But they’ve definitely done more to help than hurt Jaden’s career.

Despite the boon they’ve provided to Jaden Smith’s fledgling career, The Bit Bag is reporting that the pervasive rumors of Jaden Smith’s suicide may be taking a toll on his famous folks’ marriage. While Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have one of the longest-running Hollywood marriages, it hasn’t been without its drama. Now, amid repeated rumors that Jaden Smith has taken his own life, rumors are circulating that his parents’ marriage may be in trouble, and Jaden himself is helping to stoke the talk with some cryptic tweets.

Will Smith, Jaden Smith’s superstar dad, has spoken out about the state of his marriage, although he’s stopped short of addressing the rumors of Jaden’s suicide.

“In the interest of redundant, repetitious, over and over-again-ness… Jada and I are…NOT GETTING A DIVORCE! I promise you all – if I ever decide to divorce my Queen – I SWEAR I’ll tell you myself.”

What do you think? Are the Jaden Smith suicide rumors ever going to die? If they are a publicity stunt, will they ever stop being effective? Could the talk of Jaden Smith’s death really be eroding his parent’s marriage to the breaking point?

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