Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2

‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Vs. Twitter Followers — Does She Go On Too Many Vacations?

Criticism. It is something all of the lovely mothers from Teen Mom 2 have come to know well. Whether you think it is unfortunate, or that they deserve it for agreeing to be on a show focused on the fact that these girls got pregnant while they were teenagers – there is no denying they live their lives under a microscope. Sarcasm reports that Teen Mom 2 followers have been putting Kailyn Lowry through the ringer in regards to her frequent vacations.

The biggest complaints Teen Mom 2 followers seem to have about these vacations include:

  • Why doesn’t she ever take her children on the vacations – hasn’t she heard of a family vacation?
  • Where exactly are her children when she goes on these vacations – with their fathers?
  • Do the boys get included in vacations when their fathers go on them?
  • Couldn’t she be spending the money on something better (like her children)?
  • What exactly does she need to take a “break” from that dictates going on a vacation in the first place?

Four days ago, Kailyn Lowry posted a status update on Twitter that most followers perceived to mean she was referring to how exhausting an eight-hour flight was. One of Lowry’s followers told her to enjoy the vacation because she deserved it. Other followers immediately jumped down this individual’s throat, questioning why exactly it was that Lowry deserved a vacation.

What may have come as a surprise was the fact that Lowry decided to reply to this attack in order to defend herself and her vacations. According to Lowry, she goes to school full time and raises her children by herself the majority of the time and believes she is entitled to a break every now and then to enjoy herself.

At one point in time, Kailyn even posted a status on Twitter questioning why she even bothers responding to people her criticize her. What comes as a bit of a surprise is the comments section of this tweet didn’t appear to have too many – if any – negative responses. In fact, a number of the commenters told her to stop caring so much about what other people think and try to enjoy her vacation. She even had one person say the only reason why she replies to the comments is because she likes to interact with her fanbase even if some of her fanbase consists of jerks.

Things, however, did take a negative turn when Kailyn’s friend, Sierra – who she went on the vacation with – shared pictures and a video of the two swimming with a sea turtle.

One Twitter user pointed out that while the picture and the turtle were very pretty, it was very illegal to touch them. The user went on to say it was obvious the girls didn’t care about the turtle.

Sierra Barnwell – Kailyn’s friend – wasted no time responding to this comment defending herself and Kailyn by saying they never actually touched the turtle. Sierra went on to defend herself and Kailyn by claiming the turtle was very friendly – as if she was arguing it was possible the turtle actually touched them instead. A number of the individuals commenting on the picture became enraged because Sierra and Kailyn also posted a video of themselves swimming with the turtles and the users claim you can clearly see them touching the turtle in the video.

Check out the video below to see whether or not you think the girls actually touched the turtle:

In the comments on the video, followers continue to tag Kailyn and express concern for the fact that the sea turtle was touched, when it was clearly illegal to do so. While Lowry did respond to one of the comments claiming she never touched the turtle, the users responded saying that it might be true, but you can clearly see her friend touching the turtle in the video.

What are your thoughts about Kailyn and her frequent vacations? Do you think this Teen Mom 2 star goes on too many vacations? Do you think Kailyn should consider taking her children with her next time? More importantly, what are your thoughts about the illegal turtle touching?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]