Alexis Sky Nude Photo: Fetty Wap's Ex-Girlfriend Posts Naked Picture To Instagram, Site Fails To Take It Down

Alexis Sky Nude Photo: Fetty Wap’s Ex-Girlfriend Posts Naked Picture To Instagram, Site Fails To Take It Down

Alexis Sky was at the center of a nude photo release this weekend, with a full naked picture showing up on her Instagram page — and reportedly remaining there for several hours before it was finally taken down.

The Instagram model gained fame late last year as the girlfriend of rapper Fetty Wap, but the two had a nasty split back in April. After rumors just weeks before that the two were either engaged or planning to get engaged, Alexis Sky announced the split through a series of tweets.

In her message, Alexis noted that both she and Fetty Wap shared the blame for the break-up.

“No more 1738,” she wrote before eventually deleting the tweet (via XXL). “I’m not going to play victim. I did some f***** up s*** too and said some f***** up s*** but I kept it 100 the whole time.”

But Alexis Sky was back in the news this weekend after a nude photo showed up on her Instagram page. The picture reportedly showed Sky taking a selfie in the mirror with no clothes on. It’s not clear if Sky posted the picture on purpose or if she was the victim of a hacker, but either way it remained up for quite some time before it was taken down.

The release of Alexis Sky’s nude picture comes just days after another apparently accidental leak of a naked picture. At the end of August, a nude picture appeared on the Instagram page of singer KeKe Wyatt. As Hip Hollywood reported, the picture allegedly showed a topless Wyatt taking a selfie in front of a mirror.

The picture also remained up for at least a few hours before it was taken down, with Wyatt writing a frantic apology to fans and claiming that it was the work of a hacker.


And just days before that, a much more high-profile nude photo leak made national headlines. Someone gained access to the personal website of the Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, posting some crude and racist messages along with pictures that appeared to show Jones naked.

The website vandalism appeared to be connected to a series of spats Jones was in online regarding her movie and its criticism.

While the KeKe Wyatt nude photo leak became just a blip on the national radar, the one targeting Jones got much more attention. The Los Angeles Times reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, started an investigation into whoever hacked Jones’ website and published her nude photos.

As the report noted, federal investigators are not taking leaked nude photos lightly.

“Previous high-profile hacking incidents — one in 2011 in which Scarlett Johansson was the biggest name involved, and another in 2014 where Jennifer Lawrence was the top target — have been handled by the FBI. ICE did not immediately respond to a query from The Times as to why it was handling this case instead of the FBI, and an FBI spokeswoman had no information.”

For Alexis Sky, the nude photo leaked to her Instagram page wouldn’t be too far off from what she’s put on the page willingly already. The model and spa owner has her page filled with a number of scantily clad pictures, including Alexis in a bikini and other shots with her sporting evening wear.

Blondes have more fun

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Feet up

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It’s still not clear if Alexis Sky’s nude photo was the act of a hacker, but so far the Instagram star has not made any comment about the photo.

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