Video Goes Viral Of “Cotton Candy Girl”- Watch Her Hilarious Reaction After Sugar Rush

A video went viral on the internet of a little girl trying cotton candy for the first time at a Mariners game this week.

People are loving three-year-old, Beatrix Hart’s, hilarious reaction at the Seattle baseball game on Wednesday.

Beatrix’s dad, Jake Hart, told ABC News that this was Beatrix’s first time trying the fluffy blue treat. The video pictured Beatrix covered in blue sugar and making faces at the jumbotron.

“Lind had hit a big grand slam and everyone was happy, and we were celebrating with some cotton candy.”

Beatrix ended up on the big screen several times during the game.

The Mariners Team joked back with Beatrix’s family on Twitter that they were going to need more cotton candy.

cotton candy girl viral video

The Seattle Mariner’s defeated the Texas Rangers by a score of 8-3 at Wednesday night’s game. However, Beatrix seemed to be the star of the game that night.

After the game, the team asked fans to name the “Player of the Game,” but cautioned that Cotton Candy Girl was not eligible for this distinction.

This declaration did not sit well with Seattle Mariners fans on Twitter.

cotton candy tweet1

People started using the hashtag #CCG for ‘Cotton Candy Girl.’

Cotton Candy Girl’s scene-stealing performance, and general adorableness, was enough to get Mariners fans on Twitter to nominate her to be named the team’s player of the game.

cotton candy tweet2 cotton candy tweet3

The team compromised and shared a silly photo of the girl wearing the “Swelmet,” which is the helmet worn by the player of the game after each win.

The actual player of the game was Adam Lind, who hit a pair of home runs.

Beatrix’s ridiculously funny faces went viral after the Mariners shared a clip of the girl on their Twitter page.

“She stood up and was shouting out her love for the game.”

A clip of the video became an official GIF on



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Beatrix definitely crashed hard from her sugar rush after the game was over.

Beatrix’s dad doesn’t even blame the cotton candy sugar rush for his daughter’s crazy faces. He said it was just another day in the life of Beatrix.

“This is just one of those wonderful, hilarious moments. She acts like this all the time. She’s a little starlet.”

Since the game, the Hart family has been receiving a ton of attention from the public.

The Hart family is from New Jersey and are also huge Mets fans. They were in Seattle visiting family in Jake Hart’s hometown.

“She just loves baseball. She loves the game.

“She’s our softball team’s mascot for our nonprofit softball team in Manhattan.”

Beatrix, or Cotton Candy Girl, as she’s being called online, quickly became America’s internet sweetheart.

It looks like Beatrix has become an overnight sensation and an instant internet meme hit but her parents are just glad that their little cotton candy girl is a “happy baby girl.”

“You just think you’re having fun.

“Then you wake up the next morning and the whole world is talking about it.”

cotton candy girl viral video

Mariners VP of Marketing Kevin Martinez demonstrates how Cotton Candy Girl can say so much, without speaking at all.

Now Beatrix cannot get enough cotton candy, according to Komo News.

“I didn’t have enough.

“I didn’t have enough cotton candy.”

To be fair, it was her first time tasting it.

[Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images]