Lil Wayne And Chris Brown News: Rappers Face A Harsh Reality

Lil Wayne is one of the most celebrated rappers on the planet. At 34, the rapper has been going through some trying times. Just last week, he posted a troubling message on Twitter stating that he was defeated and was leaving gracefully, a statement that left fans wondering whether he was quitting music. Others speculated that he was suicidal. He, however, followed the tweet with another, assuring fans that he was okay. The following are the tweets.

Lil Wayne WEEZY F ‏@LilTunechi Sep 3

I AM NOW DEFENSELESS AND mentally DEFEATED & I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I’m dun

Lil Wayne WEEZY F ‏@LilTunechi Sep 3

I’m good y’all don’t trip

Chris Brown and Drake were quick to come to his support, with Chris posting a message on Instagram celebrating the rapper stating the following.

“This man helped my career in so many ways and has inspired me to live life!!! FOREVER WILL BE THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!! NONe OF YOU RAPPERS WOULDNT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START. REALISTICALLY MOST OF YALL ARE HIS STUDENTS AND DONT WANT TO ADMIT IT!!! YMOHB!!!!! ( and I know that Wayne wrote for damn near all cash money records artist when he was a teenager.) niggas wanna be down when it’s all good but soon as they feel the pressure you have to deal wit they all will fade) #YMOHB”.

Drake also expressed his support for Weezy on Instagram with the following message.

“The boss @liltunechi. We are fighting until you get yours. Freedom to drop music and peace of mind. I don’t know what these other weirdos are on with all the side talks but I know you gave me a shot and all I can ever do with the rest of my life is return the favor. YOUNG MONEY FOREVER.”

Whatever issues Tunechi may have been facing, the situation is likely to have been made worse by the arrival of a Swat team at his home, guns drawn, a few days later. According to TMZ news, the Miami Beach police were responding to an emergency call reporting that someone had been shot and was bleeding in Lil Wayne’s residence.

The officers are said to have gone into Wayne’s house via an open garage door. This was at 2:53 PM. According to the news report, Wayne was initially calm about the situation, but soon snapped, telling the police to take him to jail. Lil Wayne was apparently handcuffed, but later on was set free after the police found no evidence of the alleged victim. The “No Worries” rapper is said to have finally calmed down stating that he understood that the cops were just doing their job.

Last year, Lil Wayne was the victim of another hoax, with authorities storming his home following a call that four people had been shot in his residence. Such incidences are bound to crush his will as an entertainer in his present seemingly fragile situation. And being a celebrity with tons of hatters only makes the problem worse.

On to Chris Brown, he was recently arrested on suspicion of assault with a gun. A woman who had visited his home is said to have informed the police that the RnB singer had pointed a gun at her in unprovoked rage. She and her friend are alleged to have escaped from his house following the ordeal only to be asked by security at the gate to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which they declined. The incident caused a tense standoff at Chris Brown’s home between him and the authorities, but soon ended after a search warrant was obtained.

This is as reported by the LA Times. Presently, Chris Brown is denying the allegations, but given his violent history, past incidences are likely to negatively influence related cases now and in the future.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]