'When The Bough Breaks' After-Credits Scene: Is There An Extra Scene At The Very End

‘When The Bough Breaks’ After-Credits Scene: Is There An Extra Scene At The Very End Of The Thriller?

Moviegoers who see When The Bough Breaks will want to know if there’s an after-credits scene, the extra bit tucked all they way at the end of the movie that makes it worth waiting the extra five minutes.

These scenes have become something of an expectation in summer action movies, with filmmakers taking what was once a rarely-used feature and making it a given. This is especially true among the action genre and has become a standard in the superhero genre, with the Marvel movies including two separate scenes — one during the credits and another after they’re all over.

But thrillers, like When The Bough Breaks, are a lot spottier when it comes to after-credits scenes. They show up less than half the time, leaving moviegoers searching for information on whether it’s worth it to wait all the way until the end.

So, does When The Bough Breaks have an after-credits scene? Through the early reviews, it wasn’t entirely clear, but all signs are pointing to no. There is no scene mentioned in any of the early reviews, and AfterCredits.com has no information listed on an after-credits scene.

There could be a fairly big audience to see if there’s an after-credits scene in When The Bough Breaks. The strong cast and good early reviews have critics looking for a big opening weekend out of the thriller, with predictions that it will finish on top of the box office with a little more than $20 million. While that total may be far off from the $50 million-plus openings for summer blockbusters, it’s not a bad start for the first weekend after Labor Day, when the summer movie season is all but officially over.

The movie has received some strong reviews, especially for the performances of Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall, as well as newcomer Jaz Sinclair. As Variety noted, the movie’s strong cast of African-American actors is one of its best points.

When The Bough Breaks appears to benefit from a major shift in Hollywood away from casts heavy with white characters, USA Today noted.

The movie is also seen as a reaction to the movement that arose around last year’s Academy Awards to push for more diverse casts and more lead roles as well. It will also usher in a series of movies featuring roles for non-white actors.

“What we’re seeing now is Hollywood is listening,” Fandango managing editor Erik Davis told USA Today. “It began with more diversity added to the Academy voting pool and we’re beginning to see it course its way throughout the films. This fall especially, we’re seeing more diversity — and not just in the smaller independent movies that are hoping for awards.”

But as the reviews note, it’s not likely that When The Bough Breaks or its cast will be nominated for any awards. AV Club reviewer Katie Rife noted that the movie is “trash,” but it’s still “fun trash.”

“There’s nothing surprising awaiting viewers in the generic aspirational slickness of the film’s visual elements, either. What sets this film apart from its TV-movie counterparts is its production value, and it flirts with pushing boundaries afforded by its big-screen status—although aside from one surprisingly gory shot, we’re talking PG-13 scenes of perfectly coiffed hair cascading down smooth, bare backs.”

While all signs are pointing to there being no after-credits scene in When The Bough Breaks, moviegoers who want to find out for sure will just have to do it the old-fashioned way — hunkering down in their seat and waiting through the five to six minutes of credits to find out for themselves.

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