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Jaden Smith Dead? The Hoax Just Won’t Die As Rumors Of Will Smith Movie Delay Follow News Of Son’s Death

So, is Jaden Smith dead or isn’t he? As celebrity death rumors go, Jaden Smith has been targeted more in his young life than virtually any of Hollywood’s young elite, with the first rumors of his untimely death beginning to circulate when he was just 14-years-old.

This summer, though, things got really nasty for Jaden Smith when a pervasive rumor of his suicide went viral. It was everywhere, you couldn’t visit a social media site or celebrity news column without hearing word that Jaden Smith was dead. It wasn’t true, but it was all over the internet and a lot of people believed it.

A few weeks later, after Jaden was seen out and about for his 18th birthday and with his girlfriend, the notorious Sarah Snyder, the rumors died down. Fans and critics alike began to realize that Jaden Smith hadn’t bitten the proverbial dust, that he was very much alive and well, making movies, television shows, music, modeling and designing “man dresses” for his fashion label.

Everything seemed to be going great.

Then the Jaden Smith suicide rumors ramped up again in mid-to-late August. That was when a Jaden Smith suicide video began circulating. In it, Jaden announced that he was going to commit suicide and said his goodbyes. You’d think that the second Jaden Smith death rumor would have gotten less traction, following so soon on the heels of the first, previously debunked, rumor of Jaden Smith’s death.

However, the second time around, the rumors of Jaden Smith’s death-by-suicide seemed a little more believable. They came on the heels of a tweeted-then-deleted photograph of Jaden’s girl allegedly in bed with another man. Fans and haters alike believed that a heartbroken Jaden Smith responded to the news of his cheating lady love by taking his own life.

As people began to realize that they’d been duped by the news of Jaden Smith’s death yet again, they began to question where these prolific death rumors and highly-successful internet death hoaxes were coming from. The news that Jaden Smith had taken his own life certainly got his name out there, even though it wasn’t true.

And coincidentally, the suicide rumors were almost perfectly timed to have people saying the Jaden Smith name at the precise moment his new Netflix drama The Get Down premiered, not to mention Will Smith’s new flick Suicide Squad. Speculation swirled that, perhaps, Jaden Smith or some of his people, were the brains behind the death hoaxes

Now, the Jaden Smith death rumors are everywhere again, after showing up on Facebook once more last weekend. And whoever is behind them has really amped up their game. This time, the rumors that Jaden Smith had taken his own life reportedly resulted in his sister, Willow, and the rest of the Smith family getting condolences for their loss.

As this weekend rolls around, with the newest Jaden Smith suicide rumors once again in full swing, it’s being reported that Jaden Smith’s (not real) death has resulted in the delay of dad Will Smith’s long-awaited flick, Collateral Beauty.

As FX News Call reports, following the inaccurate news that Jaden Smith had died (yet again), people began questioning whether or not the release of the Will Smith tear-jerker would be delayed so that the elder Mr. Smith could mourn the (third) death of his popular son.

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Of course, because Jaden Smith is not dead, just like he wasn’t dead following any of the previous rumors of his suicide, it’s unlikely that Will Smith’s new flick will miss its release date. At least because of the death of Jaden Smith.

However, the timing of this most recent Jaden Smith death rumor, and the fact that it got the name of Will Smith’s latest movie all wrapped up in its enigma, does lend a bit of credence to the theory that the Jaden Smith death hoaxes are being perpetuated by someone on the Smith team.

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