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Will Smith, Is Set To Work His Box Office Magic For ‘Collateral Beauty,’ But His Family Is The Real Beauty In His Life

Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty is set to overwhelm theaters throughout the world with Will’s name on the marquee. Mr. Smith is one of the biggest box office sensations ever, with nearly all of his movies grossing hundreds of millions in ticket sales at the box office.

Suicide Squad grossed $634 million worldwide, and those numbers are still climbing, Suicide Squad hasn’t even been released in Japan yet. A large portion of the movie’s success is due to Will’s popularity not just in the United States, but worldwide, according to Forbes. Will is an amazing box office draw worldwide, and Forbes states that he took a whole decade by storm.

“There was a time, from around 2002 to 2012, when Will Smith was unquestionably the biggest movie star in the world.”

Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty is sure to follow the pattern of sales set by I Am Legend, Men In Black 2, and Suicide Squad, with a huge foreign market just itching to see this flick. Domestic box offices are also likely to receive a heavy payout for this amazing film, featuring the world megastar.

Men in Black 2 made $441 million in 2002. I Am Legend grossed $585 million in 2007 and Hancock scored an amazing $624 million in 2008, according to Forbes. The success of these movies, at least for the most part, was due to Mr. Smith’s overwhelming worldwide popularity.

Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty will likely follow with amazing box office numbers. The movie has everything from a supernatural element, to an emotionally dramatic plot that will utilize all of Smith’s considerable acting talents.

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith [Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Will’s real beauty appreciation, though, lies in his marriage of 18 years to the lovely actress, Jada Pinkett Smith, and his beautiful children. Any Hollywood marriage that endures for 18 years is amazing, but the absence of the wrong kind of drama is noteworthy. Will and Jana apparently save the drama for the big screen and keep their home life joyously simple. The couple has a great relationship, as noted in Brides.

Willow Smith, Jada, and Will Smith’s beautiful 15-year-old daughter are currently involved in an anti-cyberbullying campaign with her friend, Kendall Jenner, according to Inquisitr. Willow has been a recording artist since she was nine, with a platinum single, “Whip Your Hair.” Willow not only has talent and obvious beauty, the young music diva has a level-headed approach to life, and has obviously been raised with great values.

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Willow Smith Daughter of Will Smith and Jana Pinkett Smith [Photo by Pool/Getty Images]

Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty performance will no doubt be solid, but his parenting is also spot on. After all, the proof is in the result, and his kids are kind, polite, and wise, not to mention talented and capable.

Will Smith’s stable marriage and home life with Jada Pinkett, coupled with great parenting, has apparently given rise to two stable and sensible teenagers, Willow and Jaden. These two are involved in so many worthy causes and are busily raising awareness on timely issues like cyberbullying, equality, poverty, and world hunger.

Jaden Smith, now 18-years-old, is “wise beyond his years” according to E! News, who quoted a recent tweet by the young actor and model.

“We Waste 1.3 Billion Tons Of Food Every Year, And There Is 1.3 Billion People In The World Living In Extreme Poverty. The Solution Is Clear.”


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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have two lovely progeny with good heads on their shoulders. Both Jaden and Willow devote a lot of time to charity and promoting numerous causes. Jaden often makes bold statements about the need for world peace and an end to world poverty. Jaden and Willow also take a powerful stand against bullying of all types. Willow loves to raise awareness for a number of causes as well. She isn’t afraid to stand up against cyberbullying.

Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty is destined to be a big hit, but although his box office success is unparalleled, his greatest accomplishment could be in raising two beautiful children, Willow and Jaden. These too multi-talented teens could eventually top their dad in success, and like Will and Jada, who taught them, they know that success is measured in more than money.

Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty will hit theaters December 16, 2016, while Jaden and Willow are already making a huge impression on the world.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]