Beyonce Threatened By Rihanna: Did She Purposely Upstage Singer’s VMA Vanguard Performance Out Of Jealousy?

Beyonce upstaged Rihanna’s night at the Video Music Awards in another jealous attempt to defeat her rival, it has been alleged.

According to In Touch, the R&B superstars are not as close as people would like to think, and that’s despite the fact that Jay Z, who happens to be Beyonce’s husband, is the mastermind behind the success of Rihanna’s career, having signed the 28-year-old back in 2005 when she was just 16.

Sources say that Beyonce purposely made sure that the MTV VMAs were all about her after producers granted her wishes for a 16-minute set when she learned of the news that Rihanna would be receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard award.

By no means was Beyonce going to sit back and let Rihanna overshadow her performance, lifted from her latest album, Lemonade. The singer knew that with the right production costs behind her performance, she could make everyone forget about Rihanna and her Vanguard award, which is ultimately what Beyonce wanted to achieve all along, the source explains.

“[She] made sure she was the one everyone was talking about at the end of the night,” the insider gushes, according to Gossip Cop. “Beyonce and Rihanna have been feuding for years over everything from their careers to Bey’s husband, Jay Z.”

“When MTV asked Beyonce to perform at the VMAs, she knew she wanted to upstage Rihanna. Beyonce felt like this was her chance to finally put Rihanna in her place. Beyonce has always been extremely threatened by Rihanna.”

The outlet then continues by stressing how Beyonce was left stunned when she read the reviews for her latest album and found that many of them were ranked below Rihanna’s record, Anti. The 35-year-old was left outraged by the thought of having critics claim Anti was a better effort than what Beyonce ended up producing with Lemonade.

“Not only are they each other’s biggest competition in the music business, but Beyonce feels like sometimes she’s competing with Rihanna for Jay’s attention. Beyonce hates how close they are,” said the insider, which puzzles fans considering the fact that the Bajan artist is one of the highest-earning artists on Jay Z’s record label.

Beyonce feeling threatened by Rihanna could also be down to the achievements the 28-year-old has found herself making, Hollywood Take adds. One one of her highest accolades still stands at being the youngest female singer to have 14 number one singles under her belt while her album, Anti, is the only record, behind Drake’s Views, to achieve more than one billion streams this year.

In contrast, Beyonce may not come close with her number one hits, but she still stands to be the only female artist who’s able to perform at stadium shows worldwide, with not even one of her concert dates being anything but sold out.

Beyonce makes at least $200 million from her tours, which is very impressive when considering the fact that artists tend to make most of their money when they promote their music on the road.

The news of Beyonce’s supposed jealousy towards Rihanna comes just months after fans began to speculate again why the twosome have never collaborated together. After all, Beyonce is the wife of the man who is Rihanna’s boss. And if that wasn’t enough, all three of them share a percentage in the music streaming service Tidal.

Should the duo ever come together for a duet, it would be a Billboard juggernaut, to say the least. But at this time, it’s unlikely that a collaboration from the two would ever happen.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]