Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theory Gets New Twist After Tom Hiddleston Breakup

Taylor Swift Satanist Clone Conspiracy Theory Spreads After Tom Hiddleston Split

Taylor Swift has another picture to burn now that she and Tom Hiddleston have ended their love story, and some conspiracy theorists think that Tom best better watch his back. According to an insane internet conspiracy, the Thor: Ragnarok star has possibly incurred Satan’s wrath by dating and dumping one of the devil’s disciples.

As Buzzfeed reports, some social media users have recently recycled a silly internet conspiracy that Taylor Swift is really Zeena Schreck (née Lavey), a former Satanist who once served as the high priestess of the Church of Satan. When a 30-year-old interview featuring Schreck surfaced on the web a few years ago, the Satanist immediately became a social media sensation. This is because she bore a striking resemblance to Swift at the time the talk show segment was filmed.

In the video below, Schreck tries to explain Satanism and argues that people committing satanic crimes aren’t true members of the Church of Satan.

Zeena Schreck’s interview took place in 1985 when “Satanic Panic” was sweeping the nation. During the late ’80s and early ’90s, a large number of paranoid Americans were worried that Satanists were committing ritualistic murders and abusing children. As io9 reports, there was also a widespread concern that kids were being exposed to Satanic beliefs through heavy metal music, horror movies, and games like Dungeons & Dragons. Many experts later described Satanic Panic as nothing more than a case of mass hysteria.

It’s impossible that Taylor Swift is really a time-traveling high priestess of the Church of Satan because her doppelganger is still around, and she’s aged since that infamous 1985 interview. According to Zeena Schreck’s website, she is now “a practicing Tibetan Buddhist yogini” as well as “a photographer, graphic artist, musician/composer, writer, animal rights activist and religious teacher.”

However, as the Daily Dot reports, some conspiracy theorists have found a new way to link Schreck and Swift. They’ve recently taken their comparisons of the women’s physical appearances to the next level by asserting that Taylor Swift is “a clone of Schreck created by the Illuminati.” It’s unclear whether these conspiracy theorists actually believe this or whether they’re just having a bit of fun at Taylor’s expense.

It’s possible that the circulation of this new Taylor Swift conspiracy theory is a response to her recent breakup from Tom Hiddleston. According to Heat Street, a source close to Tom said that he dumped Taylor because he grew tired of her. This detail delighted the anti-Taylor crowd, and many of Swift’s haters took to Twitter to spread celebratory memes after learning about the Hiddleswift split. According to the Daily Mail, they also spread another popular conspiracy theory that Swift and Hiddleston’s relationship was just a publicity stunt.

Perhaps it makes some Swift-hating conspiracy theorists feel better believing that Tom Hiddleston was tricked into dating a Zeena Schreck clone. According to Comic Book Movie, Hiddleston did once say that he looks “satanic” and like “an incarnation of the devil” whenever he wears his Loki costume and dressing up like the devil is one surefire way to win the heart of a Satanist clone created by the Illuminati, right?

Taylor Swift’s doppelganger is actually the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan, but Zeena Schreck renounced her father’s faith years ago. In 2012, Zeena told Vice that her dad was a “con man” who decided to create his own religion in an effort to “market himself.” Contrary to popular belief at the time, he didn’t encourage human sacrifices, as such an action would take too much effort. Zeena said that her father’s brand of Satanism was all about being selfish and lazy.

“He was lazy and never planned for the future or looked after his family because that is the nature of LaVeyan Satanism: Get what you can, live only in the here and now, care only about yourself, and get other people to care for you. It’s like you’re one big infant,” Schreck said.

Taylor Swift doesn’t seem to share this selfish belief. As Us Weekly reports, the “Shake It Off” singer is a very generous celebrity who recently donated $1 million to Louisiana flood victims. She also donated $5,000 to help cover the funeral costs of a fan who died in a car crash. In short, Taylor doesn’t fit the Satanist profile at all, so it’s extremely easy to debunk all the crazy claims that the pop princess has any connection to the Church of Satan.

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