'Big Brother 18' Nicole Franzel and Paul

‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: New HOH Crowned, Nominations Set, And An Unlikely ‘BB18’ Final Two Deal Made

Big Brother 18 is gearing up for a dash to the finish line with only a handful of episodes left in the season. Last night, Natalie Negrotti was voted out with a 3-0 vote and became the next member of the jury.

Right after the live show, the BB18 live feed subscribers watched the HOH (Head of Household) competition for almost two hours. Corey Brooks took the power and will have to nominate two people for eviction. Corey decides who he wants to put on the block, and he made a plan for the POV (Power of Veto) competition should he or Nicole Franzel win. An unlikely final two deal is made and puts the Sitting Ducks in jeopardy. This week, life in the Big Brother game rides on the POV competition, and it could cost someone the game.

With only 12 days left in the Big Brother game, the houseguests are trying to figure out how to make it to the final two. Pretty much every deal they’ve made so far was to get them to this point, so it’s every man and woman for themselves. Online Big Brother reports that Corey won the HOH competition, so he and Nicole are safe for the week. That leaves James Huling, Victor Arroyo, and Paul Abrahamian in danger of leaving the Big Brother house during Week 12.

With only a few episodes left in the game, the next eviction show will air on Tuesday. The BB18 live feeds will be turned off for about 48 hours to keep the viewers in the dark about who was voted off since the eviction will be taped in advance (on Monday). On Wednesday’s show, there will be a second eviction, and Big Brother will not air on Thursday again in Season 18.

Big Brother Network reports that Corey and Nicole struggled to figure out who to put on the block. Their only choices are Paul, Victor, and James. They knew right away that Victor was the target, but they weren’t sure if it was better to put James on the chopping block as a pawn. In the end, they decided to put Victor and Paul up, bringing them one step closer in the plan to break up the happy bromance.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Nicole told James to play hard to win the POV competition and leave the nominations the same. If James can pull it off, Victor will be the next member of the jury house.

Corey and Nicole both feel that Victor has gotten an unfair advantage in the game by winning his way back in the Big Brother house. Nicole noted that he’s never survived the block, so if they nominate him, he has a great chance of being evicted.

Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal that Paul begins to doubt if Nicole and Corey will honor their final four deal. He tells Victor that they are “acting weird” and wouldn’t be surprised if they end up on the block. Victor seems to believe that their deal with “NiCorey” is intact, and Paul is just being paranoid.

Other Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Nicole tells Corey that the best thing for them to do is to take James to the final two no matter what. Apparently, she believes that taking him gives them both the best chance at winning the BB18 game on September 21.

“If they take me out, you (Corey) take James to the final two, and I (Nicole) will do the same.”

It looks like James is in a pretty good spot in the BB18 game and could make it to the final two. Nicole noticed that James “looks sad” since the blow up about Natalie a few days ago. Corey promises to “put in a good word with his (cute) sister” for James, because “he’s a good guy.”

Big Brother 18 Week 12 nomination ceremony will happen sometime this afternoon. The spoilers indicate that Corey will put Victor and Paul on the block, and pray that neither player wins POV this week.

Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think that Corey Brooks will nominate for eviction for Week 12? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and casting updates.

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