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Robert Hoffman Allegedly Reported Kate Gosselin To Child Protective Services

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Kate Gosselin was allegedly reported to Child Protective Services by Robert Hoffman, her ex-husband’s pal and author of a tell-all book about the reality show star. The writer allegedly told the government agency that Gosselin is violent with her children. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World book has been pulled by Amazon. The book was reportedly on sale for two days before legal maneuvering by two top law firms prompted the purchasing shut down.

Robert Hoffman alleges that information he read in Kate’s private journals revealed that she has been violent toward her children, Radar Online reports. While both Gosselin fans and foes debate whether or not spanking with a wooden spoon is tantamount to child abuse, the reality show star may have to explain her actions to social services workers.

The author had this to say about turning Kate Gosselin in for alleged violent acts against her children:

“I personally contacted Child Protective Services twice in 2010 when I found the journal. I sent them copies of what I had and they told me they would look into it and that’s the last I heard. I tried to talk to Kate several times in 2010 but she wouldn’t acknowledge my existence.”

The debate about who the eight children should be living with was reignited after Hoffman’s claims about child abuse went public. Hoffman’s revelations sparked anti-Kate fervor and calls for Jon Gosselin to get custody of the brood, according to Radar Online. In the tell-all book, the writer claims to have spoken with “hundreds of people” who witnessed the alleged abusive behavior toward the children which prompted his calls to Child Protective Services.

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8 Responses to “Robert Hoffman Allegedly Reported Kate Gosselin To Child Protective Services”

  1. Debbie Homesley

    Robert Hoffman…Thank YOU! I consider you to be a hero for what you are brave enough to take on. I hope that this will have an end result of the children being placed in a safe environment. If that is to be with Kate, hopefully, she will be required to have some mental/emotional health help and anger management help. You don't have to know her personally to see how troubled she is. It is obvious to all but.05% and I think all 3 of those people are on Kate's Twitter frothing at the mouth waiting for a "personal" tweet from their NO LIST CELEBRITY WANNABE…Again, I hope your book is back in business very soon. I take a lot of comfort knowing that at least it's out there and will be read by many and discussed by many more…I hope to be one of those to read it eventually..I wish you all the good luck in the world.I, and so many others, are rooting for you all the way! Thanks again for what you have done and continue to do!

  2. Diane Ballistreri

    This is not a surprise..All you have to see is the misery and sullen expressions on these children as this nit-wit parades them like a circus act. I don't know this family but there were episodes on TV which were deeply disturbing..she was toilet training the kids and they had to void before bedtime. I believe it was one of the boys who couldn't and she left him sitting on the potty, turned the lights off and and told him not to move until he voided. Another time she put the sick little guy on the floor of the laundry room with the washing machine going. She gave him a basin because he had thrown up and she couldn't handle cleaning up after him again…Jon came in and found him and the child was burning up with fever. In another episode she sat one of the boys on the step in the garage and told him she didn't want to hear anything from him…not even his breathing! I finally called TLC to say that this program was nothing but exploitation of children by a mean, self-centered and loathsome parent. Every time she appears on TV with absolutely nothing to offer I am amazed at how a completely unlikeable, talentless person should still command attention for doing nothing else but having too many children that she does not parent well.

  3. Heather Williams

    I think kate is a disgusting child abuser on many different levels but something written in a journal most definitely does not meet CPS's standard of proof.

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