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Guardian Con 2017 Announced For ‘Destiny’ Community Amid Rise Of Iron Release

Two weeks after Destiny Community Con commenced in Tampa, Florida, 2017’s premiere event for “Destiny” players is already in the planning stages. Twitch streamers KMagic 101, King Gothalion and Professor Broman announced the next iteration for Destiny Community Con on Twitter just a few days ago.

Along with a new name, it received a new date and length as well. Guardian Con 2017 is scheduled for June 30- July 1, which makes it a two-day event and it will be held at the Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall. The event operators reportedly met with the facility’s officials this week and confirmed a date for the convention in less than 11 months.

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To put it simply, the response thus far has included happiness, excitement and elation from the “Destiny” universe. It’s not often a video game can create an atmosphere quite like this one, but as soon as the initial tweet hit for 2017’s Guardian Con, Destiny Community Con attendees already started to make plans.

Those tweets are simply a preview to what the “Destiny” community is raving about. Guardian Con will be the third installment of a Destiny-related event for fans in Tampa. In 2015, Destiny Con was a small meet-up that turned in to a 100-plus gathering in a small space. Then, with KMagic 101’s help, the event turned into Destiny Community Con in August of 2016.

Thousands of “Destiny” players congregated at the Florida State Fairgrounds in an organized layout with multiple panels, activities and people to meet. It was a resounding accomplishment from all of the guardians who made it out to that trip agree that Destiny Community Con was a hit. However, the most-important part arguably took place before the event even started on a brisk Saturday morning.

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The week leading up to Destiny Community Con, the aforementioned Twitch streamers launched a marathon that all culminated into donations going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. At the end of the marathon, they raised over $500,000. The initial goal was doubled, which brought many “Destiny” players to tears.

With Destiny Community Con visibly in the rear-view mirror, all the efforts of the “Destiny” community switch to Guardian Con and the road ahead. The timing of the announcement comes at a very opportune time, as the games’ next DLC, Rise of Iron, is only 11 days away as of September 9. As it mentions above, trips are being planned, and while Gothalion and KMagic 101 won’t leak too much information, they’re confident it will be better than last year.

One thing the dynamic trio of Broman, Gothalion and KMagic 101 are teasing for Guardian Con 2017 is the ongoing relationship with St. Jude. All three tweeted an preview to what Destiny fans can expect in June of next year.

When asked if the goal will eclipse Destiny Community Con’s total of $544,622.31, Broman emphatically stated, “One million or bust.”

“Destiny:Rise of Iron” debuts on September 20 with Guardian Con still months ahead of that. For now, is the place to find all the pertinent information about the event. Pre-sale for tickets have not gone on sale yet, but will in the coming months.

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