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Bill O’Reilly Returns, Talks About Donald Trump And Immigration

Bill O’Reilly returned from a vacation tonight for a new season (his 20th) and had a lot to talk about. His “Talking Points Memo” segment talked about Donald Trump and immigration.

“By going to Mexico last week, Mr. Trump signaled that he is willing to engage in diplomacy. But as soon as he got back to the USA, he repeated his policy of being tough on illegal aliens. There was some nuance, but not much,” O’Reilly said, before noting that Trump is gambling on the notion that people will vote for him since they are sick and tired of illegal immigration.

“Trump is hoping that voters are fed up with a federal government that won’t enforce immigration law and allows chaos to reign. The GOP ticket apparently believes there are many voters who are silently sick of permissive, long standing immigration policies.”

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Donald Trump is betting that people will vote for him because of his tough stance on illegal immigration. [Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]

O’Reilly added that if somebody is outspoken about enforcing immigration laws, the left will brand you a nativist and, perhaps, a racist. However, Mr. O’Reilly believes that the issue of illegal immigration has allowed Trump to win the GOP nomination.

As tough as Donald Trump has been on illegal immigration, Reuters claims that he has raised the possibility of eventual legal status for immigrants who are undocumented.

“The New York businessman said that before considering how to deal with millions of illegal immigrants who are obeying U.S. laws and contributing to American society, he first wants to evict criminal elements like drug smugglers and build a border wall.”

The article adds that Trump says any illegal immigrants who want to gain citizenship will have to first return to their home countries first and get in line behind legal applicants, he said. One year ago, Trump said he would immediately have all illegal immigrants deported, even though many say that’s an impossible thing to do.

Bill O’Reilly interviewed Donald Trump himself on the show tonight about immigration after he repeated that Trump still has a major problem with minority voters.

After saying how well his campaign is doing, Trump told O’Reilly he would pass Kate’s Law, one that Bill O’Reilly came up with in order to deal with illegal aliens who commit multiple crimes in sanctuary cities. Trump also denied that he said he would “drag people out of their homes” when O’Reilly reminded Trump of his immigration policy from one year ago.

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Donald Trump has slightly changed his position on illegal immigration. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]
“We are going to have a very strong border. People are going to come into our country, but they are going to come in legally. We are going to have a wall and Mexico is going to pay for the wall 100 percent,” Trump said before indicating that he will immediately get rid of all the drug lords, all the gang members, and others who are committing tremendous crimes.

After Bill O’Reilly told Trump that there would need to be due process, Trump said there would be very little with these kinds of people. Trump claimed they’ll be easy to gather since the police know who all these people are. He said that after the wall is created and after our borders are secured, he will take a look at the other undocumented immigrants to determine what should be done.

“That’s a modification to your original position,” O’Reilly said, with Trump only partially disagreeing.

Trump ended the interview by repeating how Hillary wants to let anybody in the country, regardless of the damage they can do. It will be quite interesting to hear Trump and Clinton’s debate on illegal immigration on Monday, September 26.

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