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Usher To Ex-Wife: Get Outta My House

Usher Georgia Home Going Up For Sale

Superstar singer Usher has an important message for ex-wife Tameka Raymond … get outta my house!

The singer has allowed Tameka to continue her residence in his 12,000 square foot mansions, however Usher has announced plans to put the Georgia home on the open market, forcing Tameka to look for a new place to call home.

Under terms of the couple’s 2009 divorce Usher has the right to sell the home at anytime, as long as he provides Tameka with at least 60 days notice.

Sources tell TMZ that Tameka Raymond has not been taking the news well since she is financially dependent on Usher.

Another source claims that Usher believes he gave Tameka plenty of time to find a new home and start earning her own money.

The home was purchased in 2007 for $3 million, however a sell price has not yet been placed on the home. Given that Usher bought the house just before the housing market collapse we are willing to bet that it will sell for considerably less cheddar.

It has been a rough year for Tameka who lost a custody battle over the couple’s two children earlier this month. Tameka also watched as one of her children, Usher’s step-son, passed away following a horrible jet ski accident.

While Usher may be kicking Tameka out of the home they once shared together he hasn’t played the villain the entire time, in fact after Tameka’s son was involved in his fatal accident it was Usher who chartered her a private jet to be by her son’s side.

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3 Responses to “Usher To Ex-Wife: Get Outta My House”

  1. Cecile Noel

    who is usher terry raymond iv , a man I taugh he was a serious man , thinking even he did go so many thing out was nice , i get it all wrong a man have lie to me on facebook and twitter during over 2 year , go on cbs news and said he was a dating father, thinking he was try to know him during all those time , losing my time , energie on this man usher , and be so disappointed by the man oh lord, what will be more simple to just said the truth , but go on national tv to lie , no oh lord this man usher make me hate him bad now, for me if he have treating his owe ex wrong he can treat anyone wrong , I support thinking he was a good do , but I get it wrong , really, lie to me during 2 year and lie even for europe came to europe lie during his concert canceled , and they europeans was so upset and later have said it was because he was missing his children hello, but more wrose lie to a nation without no respect canceled his concert and who are responsible to have those kind of people and we be used they sponsor, sponsorize them to used us , no one stop this vandalize, but for me be hurting and trust someone thinking was real and realize it was all a lie and fake , really give me heartbroken , when I think kim kardashian people sent on her flour , usher if I get chance to see him in europe I don't know what flour I going to send on him, I hate people hurting other for grantest , specially when they know it is wrong and knowing they just was looking someone to advertissed for him , coming in tour in europe to used european people that totaly wrong and usher knew perfectly what he have done. and one day he going to pay they consequence of GOD justice.i have hope on GOD. even I scream , cried to be hurting one day justice will aply , that why since this day I have a lots problem to trust black american again, specially after date one in usa anthony kirkland jr sent him every pennis I was have to help him and too have lie to me I will finish to said black american they care only about there fake ass only.used other.

  2. Cecile Noel

    sent him every penis i was have to help him and too have lie to me cheat on me ,mess around none stop ,with girl he know before me wasn't want to less him go and later less him go to late i was gone and won't take him back even he asking me when am coming back ,maybe never maybe i will but won't see him

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