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Nigeria Sets Date For HIV/AIDS Cure

HIV/AIDS Cure Set To Be Found Within Ten Years In Nigeria

A ten-year target has been set by Nigeria’s government to create a capable vaccine which would cure and treat the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Director General of the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), Professor John Idoko publicized in a newspaper forum.

The federal government’s decision to look into such a vaccine was to boost the amount of research dedicated to fight the peculiar strands of HIV which are common in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region, The Daily Trustreports.

It is hoped that Nigeria will be able to do what has so far been impossible-to find a cure for HIV. In the past, some have claimed to have a cure, yet none have been scientifically established to be known as a cure for HIV.

The government intends to move forward from the research already established and continue using new techniques, such as stem cell research to try and find a cure.

Currently, HIV and AIDS are not the death sentence they were in the past, thanks to the advances in medicine. Now, disease like cancer and malaria kill more people and do so faster than HIV and AIDS.

It is hoped that enlightenment programs will be introduced to encourage people to come out and discuss their conditions in order to better establish research; most victims of the disease are reluctant to release their status.

Currently, most victims who die from the disease do so because the anti retroviral drugs are too expensive for the poor to afford.

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5 Responses to “Nigeria Sets Date For HIV/AIDS Cure”

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