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Chris Brown Arrest: Baby Mama Nia Guzman Wants Full Custody Of Royalty After Drug, Weapon Bust

Chris Brown could be losing his visitation rights of his two-year-old daughter Royalty now that baby mama Nia Guzman is said to be using the singer’s latest police incident against him in the hopes of gaining full custody.

Guzman, who has fought for full custody several times in the past, was stunned to hear about Chris Brown’s incident with aspiring model Baylee Curran, who claims that the “Love More” hitmaker approached her with a gun to her head before demanding she leave his Los Angeles home.

Brown became aggressive once he was under the impression that Curran was trying to steal jewelry from his home, she alleged in an interview with TMZ. Baylee goes on to stress that she had no plans in stealing anything from the singer, adding that Chris’ aggression left her shaking, which instantly triggered her calling the police.

When the police arrived, Chris Brown was said to have thrown a bag out of his window filled with guns and drugs. Police officers were quick to recover the bag as they awaited for their warrant to search the singer’s home; hours later, they arrested the singer, BBC News confirms.

According to Hollywood Life, Nia Guzman thinks this is all the evidence she needs to prove that Chris is not fit to have Royalty living with him — even if it’s just for one week. He’s constantly finding himself in these situations where lawyers have to get involved and save him from jail time.

Guzman is tired of having to hear about the same incidents over and over again, which is why she’s now filing for full custody once again. But this time around, she’ll be arguing her case differently, using the Baylee Curran as the main reason why Royalty is now in safe hands when she’s with her father.

“[Nia Guzman]’s fuming. She’s hot as hell and is furious at Chris [Brown] for hanging out with his thug friends and getting himself into trouble,” the source explained, explaining that there’s no going back for Chris’ baby mama.”

“She’s beyond scared for Royalty [Brown]’s safety and wants full custody of her immediately. She’s talking to her team to make this happen. Chris is such a baby and his mother caters to his every need. She doesn’t want Royalty around that and wants to teach her how to not be a spoiled brat who can get away with anything like her father.”

Nia Guzman thinks that Brown puts himself in these situations, because if he didn’t know Baylee, why would he invite her to his home in the first place?

This is just one of many cases that are currently being held against the singer, who found himself in a similar situation when his tour manager quit on the spot, claiming Brown threatened her in the midst of his European tour.

Weeks before that, Chris’ former manager filed a lawsuit against the “Forever,” claiming that Brown verbally and physically abused him on multiple occasions. One time it was so bad, he was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment.

In Nia Guzman’s eyes, she knows she stands a great chance of gaining full custody of her daughter — the judge can no longer overrule her case with the piling evidence that Nia has gathered from the past three incidents this year alone.

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