The 11 Best Voice Performances

‘The Voice’ And 11 Stunning Performances From Seasons Past

The Voice will be back for Season 11 in a few short weeks. Before we hear new show-stopping performances, why not appreciate the excellent singers who already appeared on The Voice?

There are so many great Voice moments to choose from that putting this list together was tough. It’s also highly subjective; these were the one’s I felt deserved a spot on this list. Though tastes may differ, we can all agree that most of these performances were outstanding.

Mike Schiavo — Talking Body (Season 10)

The soulful performance of “Talking Body” by Mike Schiavo was great on its own, earning him a three-chair turn. It came with the unexpected bonus of an impromptu duet with Voice judge Adam Levine. It was a great blind audition followed up by a pleasing rendition of Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved.”

Ellie Lawrence — We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off (Season 9)

Ellie Lawrence’s cover is a stripped-down version of Jermaine Stewart’s “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off.” It left a strong enough impression to get her get a second chance on The Voice. Things didn’t work out for Ellie, but she should still be proud. After all, it’s not easy to take someone else’s song and practically make it one’s own.

Sawyer Fredericks — Old Man (Season 8)

Sawyer Fredericks was the gem of The Voice’s eighth season. He is a surprising throwback artist to a bygone era in the body of a teenage farm boy. This rendition of “Old Man” was introspective and honest. It also demonstrated why it was no surprise Sawyer would go on to win The Voice.

Jeffery Austin — Let It Go (Season 9)

Poor Jeffery Austin. He was actually one of the best singers out of The Voice Season 9. If not for the huge shadow cast by fellow Voice contestant Jordan Smith, he could have won. But it just wasn’t going to happen. “Let It Go” was a pleasant reminder that aside from Smith, there were other gifted Voice singers to enjoy.

Beverly McClellan –The Thrill is Gone (Season 1)

Good luck finding The Voice contestant videos before Season 6. I was just fortunate enough to stumble upon Beverly McClellan’s thrilling take on “The Thrill Is Gone.” If the fact that this was recorded on someone’s TV is off-putting, don’t worry: There’s a studio version of this song available.

Damien – She’s Out Of My Life (Season 7)

Damien sang every week as if he was on the verge of tears. While that would be annoyingly redundant for some, it was clear that the Voice finalist had one of the strongest chops of Season 7. Here he is at his sorrowfully soulful best, covering a Michael Jackson classic with heartfelt clarity.

Tessanne Chin — I Have Nothing (Season 5)

Whitney Houston is one of the hardest singers to cover. Tessanne Chin does so practically effortlessly. So it’s hardly any big shock that Chin went on to win Season 5 of The Voice. I mean, you can’t flawlessly cover Whitney and then lose.

Jordan Smith — Hallelujah (Season 9)

Jordan Smith had many incredible performances during Season 9; I could have easily populated this list with mostly his songs. Still, there is something comforting and unique of his rendition of “Hallelujah.” Fun fact: All though the Jeff Buckley version is well known, it too is a cover — of Leonard Cohen.

Matt McAndrew — The Blower’s Daughter (Season 7)

The Voice’s seventh season was packed with talent, and Matt McAndrew lost it by a hair. Though his fans were disappointed, they can at least look back on beautiful moments like this. Of all his performances, “The Blower’s Daughter” has a transcendent quality that makes it easily one of the best moments of any season of The Voice.

Christina Grimmie — Wrecking Ball (Season 6)

Christina Grimmie was a powerhouse voice crammed into a small frame. She blew the judges away in her Season 6 blind audition with “Wrecking Ball.” It feels surreal and unfair that Grimmie is no longer with us. Though she will be missed, Christina’s brilliant vocals will live on in long-remembered video clips like this.

Jordan Smith — Chandelier (Season 9)

This blind audition was perhaps the most unique moment in the history of The Voice. We were introduced to Season 9 winner Jordan Smith in the same manner as the judges. When we heard “Chandelier,” we didn’t immediately know who was singing. Was it a man or woman? Were they tall or short? Young or old? When we finally saw Smith, we were practically as stunned as Gwen Stefani.

Jordan Smith is probably the most gifted talent to take the stage on The Voice, which is why he’s featured on this list twice.

Is there an awesome Voice contestant or performance you felt should have gotten a spot on this list? Share it in the comment section below!

[Image via NBC’s The Voice]