Stand-Up Comic Sunda Croonquist Sued By Mother-In-Law over Mother-In-Law Jokes

Stand-Up Comic, Sunda Croonquist, is being sued by her mother-in-law for defamation because she doesn’t find that being the butt of mother-in-law jokes is funny.

Croonquist, who is herself half African American and half Swedish, married into a Jewish family and as you can imagine, the ethnic mix has given her copious amounts of fodder for her comedy act. Mother-in-law jokes are part of the foundation for her act and the in-laws thought it was funny at first, but became increasingly tired of the jokes over time. Then after croonquist posted her upcoming schedule and highlights on her website that her mother-in-law claims contained enough information to clearly identify her family, she filed suit in April 2009.

The suit is looking for unspecified damages and demands that Croonquist remove any offensive statements from her website, her future comedy routines and any recordings she takes part in from now on.

Croonquist says she doesn’t really have a problem with dropping any language her family sees as offensive, but says she will refuses to pay any settlement to her mother-in-law. Croonquist’s Attorney has filed a motion to have the suit dismissed, and the suit goes before a judge on Sept. 8.