Michael Beasley’s Tattoos Show Why He’s Now In Rehab

Michael Beasley’s tattoos are just one of the signs that clearly show why the Miami Heat star forward finally checked himself into rehab this morning.

Michael Beasley has been on a downward spiral lately and it appears he’s hit rock bottom. He’s been exhibiting some strange behavior and the horrendous tattoos he had inked recently are just part of the puzzle. Beasley took to his Twitter account with some really strange tweets over the weekend, like “Feelin like it’s not worth livin!!!!!!!” and “I Feel like the whole world is against me I can’t win for losin”, which are obviously the product of a disturbed (or drugged) mind. The tweets have since been deleted.

Then there’s the photo Michael Beasley uploaded of his tattoo, wwhich reads “Supercool Beas,” across his back from shoulder to shoulder and feathered wings extending half way down his back underneath. But the most striking thing about Michael Beasley’s tattoo photo is in the lower right hand corner. If you look closely there you can clearly see what appears to be drug paraphernalia.

This morning, Tueaday, Beasley checked himself into rehab for a 30 day stay. The rehab was suggested by his team and he’ll be treated for depression and substance abuse.