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Sofia Richie Pressured To Dump Justin Bieber By Nicole Richie Amid Cheating Affair Concerns?

Nicole Richie has reportedly urged her sister Sofia to dump Justin Bieber because she is allegedly convinced that the 22-year-old pop star will only end up breaking her heart.

The socialite was rather surprised to hear that her 18-year-old sister was hooking up with Justin, mainly because she knows about his reputation with girls. Nicole knows that Bieber just wants to have some fun and doesn’t actually want to tie himself to a full-on relationship with Sofia.

And that’s exactly the problem. Since this is believed to be the aspiring model’s first real relationship, Nicole is being a protective sibling in making sure that Sofia doesn’t end up finding herself heartbroken when she learns that Justin Bieber has reconciled with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

“Nicole’s been there and sees through Justin,” a source tells OK! Magazine, according to Gossip Cop. “He’s known to bounce around from girl to girl, and Sofia is sweet and young. Nicole is really worried she’s going to get hurt.”

From what the outlet alleges, Sofia is not paying attention to the advice her older sibling is giving her, assuring herself that the romance she shares with Justin will last.

The insider says Sofia Richie is “pretty naive” about the situation, because Nicole has reportedly seen how Bieber treats the women he’s dated in the past, and she just doesn’t want her younger sibling to face a meltdown over a boy who’s simply not worth it.

“Nicole thinks that Justin will be a bad influence or just end up breaking her heart,” the insider added.

News of Nicole’s concerns regarding Sofia Richie’s relationship with Justin Bieber comes just two weeks after the pop star’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez threw endless shots at the “Company” singer over the complaints he had made regarding his fans’ hate comments towards his new girlfriend.

Justin threatened that he would delete his Instagram if people did not stop sending out hateful comments towards Sofia, to which Selena felt an urged to reply to, saying that if Justin doesn’t want his romance to be criticized by others, he should stop flaunting it all over social media.

This went on to cause quite the commotion between the former couple, as Justin began to insinuate that Selena only used him for fame and publicity while Gomez argued that she was the victim in the relationship since she was constantly being cheated on.

The constant back and forth has left a frosty communication barrier between the two, with sources confirming that Bieber has vowed never to speak with Selena again. As for his romance with Sofia Richie, Justin and the 18-year-old are still going strong despite recent reports claiming that the relationship was a complete PR stunt.

Sofia recently celebrated her birthday in Hollywood, Yahoo reveals, and to no surprise, Justin made sure he showed his support for Lionel Richie’s daughter, who sources say is head over heels in love with Justin. In her eyes, she sees herself having a future with Justin, and even Nicole’s advice isn’t going to stop her from dating the Biebs.

What do you make of Nicole Richie’s claims that Justin Bieber is a bad influence on his sister? And furthermore, would you approve of the relationship if you were in Nicole’s shoes, considering the wide age gap between the twosome?

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