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Protein Buzz: From Ice Cream To Popsicles To Pancakes, Protein Is Popping Up Everywhere

Protein is making its presence known as more people try and increase their protein intake in new and various ways. As reported by the Inquisitr, protein coffee is becoming more popular. One look at the more than 12 million images and videos using the #protein hashtag on Instagram reveals all the reasons why people are falling hard for protein — and the positive effects that protein can have on the body.

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As reported by the Lancaster Online, protein popsicles are a treat that can be made with peanut butter, Greek yogurt, and bananas.

However, die-hard fitness fiends look for even more ways to pack more protein into every meal. Nola notes that older athletes may need even more protein than younger athletes. As such, it can become a sort of fun game to discover ways to increase the protein intake with every meal in ways that aren’t boring — and don’t involve purely tons of chicken or protein powder with each meal.

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Breaking down more of the ways that folks are getting protein into their daily meals starts with breakfast. One very popular way includes making protein pancakes, a topic that enjoys more than 300,000 Instagram posts as of this writing.

Protein pancakes can be made to look positively delicious on social media, even if they don’t necessarily taste the same as the regular wheat pancakes, buttermilk pancakes or the hotcakes found at popular eateries. Instead of using normal pancake mix, the protein pancakes generally involve using protein powder as an ingredient — along with egg whites, which give the pancakes even more protein content.

Protein pancakes are becoming so popular that grocery stores are beginning to sell protein pancake mix next to the protein powders in the “healthy” section of many stores.

Protein shakes are still a good old standby when it comes to consuming protein in liquid form on the run.

However, the options for protein shakes are expanding as well. Gone are the days when chalky protein blends were a person’s only choice for a protein drink. The shelves of health-conscious stores now contain a plethora of protein shakes — some that are cold-pressed and replete with greenery — giving protein drinkers many options beyond necessitating the creation of protein shakes at home.

Protein ice cream is another very popular and growing field. Those who love the cold and creamy taste of ice cream — but don’t want excess calories and fat — are turning to brands like Halo Top and Arctic Zero to fill their sweet tooth needs and stay on their healthy eating plans.

Not to be outdone by protein ice cream, protein brownies are emerging as well — either in store-bought form or via those who bake up their own protein brownie recipes and post the delectable-looking photos on social media.

The sugar content in the protein brownies is usually reduced, with sweeteners like Stevia or other substitutes used in its place.

Other healthier ingredients in place of vegetable oil and butter are generally found in such recipes, with foods like bananas and peanut butter used to mimic the creamy texture of more fattening ingredients.

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The standard protein bars are as popular as ever, with the #proteinbar hashtag enjoying more than 275,000 posts on Instagram.

The choices of protein bar flavors have increased, including the options of getting protein bars whose source of protein comes from beef — as well as many other plant-based protein bar options.

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Protein cheesecake is even a thing now, with people continuing to find ways to substitute protein powder in standard recipes that offer more protein bang for their recipe buck.

Fitness Recipe for the weekend! Double Chocolate Protein Cheesecake. Ingredients: 30g Organic Cacao Liquor Buttons 50g Protein Hot Chocolate Flavour 10g Whole Almonds (Chopped) 14g Organic Cacao Nibs 100g Protein Granola 150g Cooked sweet potato 50g Soft Prunes 200g Quark Method 1) Place the dates in a bowl and pour 3 tbs of boiling water over the top and place in the microwave for 10 – 20 seconds. 2) Once heated mash with a fork, pour in the protein granola and mix into a large ball. 3) Press the mixture into the bottom of a loose based baking tin and place in the fridge. 4) To an empty bowl add the cooked sweet potato and mash with a fork. 5) Mix the mash with the protein hot chocolate and quark this will become firm. 6) Remove the granola base from the fridge and spread the chocolate mixture over the top. 7) Return to the fridge for 20 minutes. 8) Once set, decorate with cacao buttons, cacao nibs and chopped almonds. Would you like your fitness recipes to be featured on my page? Start tagging your recipes with #alexanderpauwels.

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As the fitness industry shows no signs of slowing down, expect protein to keep popping up in more and more unique recipes and foods that have been favorites for years.

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