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Lindsay Lohan Tarabasov Interview: Lohan Demands Dollars And More From Putin For Russian T.V. Appearance

Lindsay Lohan’s 2016 negotiating style is even tougher “than either Clinton or Trump” according to TMZ. Russia is finding out all about how hard it is to make Lindsay do anything she doesn’t want to do as they try to convince her to appear on Russian television to talk about Egor Tarabasov.

Her American movie fans could have told Russia’s biggest talk show, Pust govoryat, that getting Lindsay on the show wasn’t going to be easy. The movie star has plenty to say and no problem saying it as she maneuvers to get what she wants in her contract. It’s not that she’s expecting anything unusual in her contract. A “queen’s ransom” will do.

Lohan was asked to appear on the show that’s carried on Channel 1, a state-owned station, to chat about her ex fiance, Russian billionaire Egor Tarabasov. The “most popular talk show in Russia” wants Lindsay to dish on all the secrets of her relationship with Tarabasov, and reveal new details of the breakup in the planned interview.

Lohan and Tarabasov broke up recently after “shocking” video emerged showing a “physical altercation” between Lindsay and Egor that ended with Lindsay “desperately fleeing” while Egor “grabs” her.

Since then, the 30-year-old movie actress has decided to have some solo fun in Europe. The Sun reports that she “has sent temperatures” soaring in her own personal heat as she poses in her bikini and posts on Instagram. Not everyone is breaking into a sweat over Lindsay though. One fan tweeted about someone not even noticing the sexy star and commenting on the water instead!

TMZ had some connections over there who came up with the original letter from Channel 1 to Lohan. The producers didn’t just ask Lindsay to discuss what she’d need to do the show, they wrote to ask for her “demands.”

“Please send the list of demands.”

What’s a star to do? Lindsay got right on that and put together an impressive bunch of demands. She’s one tough negotiator. Some of the things that will have to happen before Lohan will go spill her guts to the eager Russian audience include a private jet complete with an on board hair and makeup artist. Can’t have the Mean Girls star feeling neglected right before Lindsay goes to talk about Tarabasov.

Russian news outlets don’t seem to be impressed with Lindsay’s attitude. Irytas described Lohan as a “most controversial” and “scandalous” actress, while celebrity magazine Gala, referred to Lindsay’s “turbulent” life, and wrote that the talk show wants to interview the Freaky Fridays star about Lohan’s “failed relationship” with Tarabasov.

A Twitter user agrees with the media in Tarabasov’s homeland, writing that Lindsay’s requirements are “stupid.”

Lohan’s demands cover everything a movie star needs for a comfortable trip to Russia. Along with the private jet and manicure artist, Lindsay put a few more basics on the list. She wants the Russian producers to provide her with constant security, spending money to the tune of 500,000 British pounds, and a place to stay.

Of course, that can’t be just any old hotel. Lindsay says she’s only staying at the Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite. TMZ’s sources say that she has a couple more items that might take awhile to become realities.

Lohan wants a “one year Russian visa with extension” and one more special thing that’s really catching the attention of Russian media. Lindsay wants to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in person, and plans to take some selfies and post some pics together with Putin.

What do you think? Should Putin pose for selfies with the Lindsay Lohan, or is Lohan just taking the negotiations about Tarabasov a step too far?

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]