Think you’d make a good lawyer? Sign up at AllRise

I only found out about AllRise because they posted a comment on FriendFeed about my story of the woman suing a zoo over dolphins splashing too much water had been added to their list of active cases being argued by site members. The idea behind the site, the brainchild of “Friendly Ops”, is that it supplies a way for people to take out their aggressions towards injustice, build a community of people who have something to say or to protest, and to fill a void for people wanting to debate in a smart and comfortable by supplying an innovative tool for debating.

The idea being that as a member you can add a case to the docket to which people can add both defense and prosecution arguments. The “trials” last for seven days during which you can pick guilty or not guilty, make objections to the arguments of others as well as strengthen the arguments of others.

Interestingly enough you can also embed a widget of the court case on your blog. The widget includes the voting and debating system so your readers can makes their votes without even leaving your blog.

This is the entry on the docket for the story I wrote here earlier and so far the Not Guilty is winning as you can see.


Further down on the page you can see the section that displays the defense and prosecution’s arguments as well the option to add your own arguments to the case. You’ll need to join first though but you don’t have to to vote guilty or not guilty.


All in all it looks like fun and a great way to improve your debating skills in the process.