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Stripper Puts Newborn In Toilet, Takes Pictures To Send To Dad


Brittany Lester, a 21-year-old stripper from Florida, is in jail for placing her baby in a variety of dangerous locations in her motel room – and texting pictures to the baby’s father.

Lester is being accused of child abuse after she allegedly put her five-week-old son in the following places inside a motel room, reports The Smoking Gun: stripped to a diaper and squeezed between the mattress and boxspring; “lying inside a dresser drawer crying”; lying under the bed; sitting in the toilet; and inside the trash can (both sitting and upside down).

According to The Smoking Gun, the father of the five-week-old boy reported the pictures to the police. The 22-year-old man stated that he was no longer romantically involved with Lester, but the two had reportedly agreed to “work together for the sake of the baby.”

The man reported that Lester became angry with him after suspecting that he was involved with another woman. Shortly after leaving the motel where Lester and the baby were staying, he began receiving disturbing texts from her. The police reports states that Lester took 13 photos of the baby, including the baby in the following situations: Lying on the bed with a plastic bag over his head, being held up by his arm with his body in the toilet, being held up by his neck, and lying partially under the air conditioning unit in the motel room.

The Stir reports that Lester abused the baby in full view of her 3-year-old because she “suspected her ex was messing around with another woman.”

Lester will spend one year in jail on charges of child abuse. The infant was not physically harmed during the abuse.

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163 Responses to “Stripper Puts Newborn In Toilet, Takes Pictures To Send To Dad”

  1. Jamie Wilson

    This person you can't even call a woman or mother. She deserves to be executed and people who will love and care for her kids needs to get custody of them. This person has some serious mental issues.

  2. Dominique Lane DeucerajahGoddess

    wow what kind of sick bitch could do this to their own baby a 5 week old baby at that in front of a 3 year old that baby done nothing to her and she only get a year somebody should to her what she done to that poor baby I have no clue what kind of mothers these females are these day yes I do sad simple and pathetic is what kind they are I watch a dog give birth but it don't make it a mother but she going to get hers karma a bitch.

  3. Anonymous

    Aren't you so glad that babies ask to be born? Sick weirdos should be sterilized after something like this and before legal proceedings can absolve them of it!

  4. Trinity Cremer

    @Voica Ioana – It figures a troll like you would make a racial epithet on this article. Just because the "womb-donor" (who happens to be black) of this poor baby deserves to be locked up for life (if not executed), doesn't make all black people worthy of your contempt. Also, you might want to return to school and at least learn to spell the 'N' word correctly idiot!

  5. Ann Smith

    1year! R u kidding!? Just so she can get out & do it again, maybe worse! Hope she gets every torture imaginable in jail!

  6. Voica Ioana

    did i say that all black people are niggers?doooh..i just she is a nigger,and i wrote it that way ,neggar because i didn t know whether it s allowed to write niggers;))

  7. Trish Kolbe

    Only a year? WTF? Send that baby to me and the 3 year old. I don't understand people. The news is so depressing and scarey anymore!

  8. Stella Wicker

    uhh seriously! She did this, but they stated that the infant was NOT Physically harmed! Are they insane! You do not treat a newborn that way! How do they know what that poor baby felt? This just makes me so mad. She deserves a lot more than one year in jail! A plastic bag over it's head! She should have been tried for attempted murder!

  9. Tiara Jensen

    that's fucked up how they only gave her a year for doing that shit to a brand new baby. wtf did that poor child do to that woman! what is wrong with the court system, the law and everything else? and u know what, she never cared about that child at all, if she did she would have never done those things to her child. she was only thinking about herself being hurt and that's bullshit! Now she deserves to get abused like her child did. idc what they say that child was abused!

  10. Dareen Mallory

    women like her don't deserve to live. just garbage. but hey I'm not God so I cant judge.

  11. Jasmine Washington

    Hmmmmm…not physically harmed and squished between two mattresses…..for some reason those two statements don't seem like they belong together when talking about a new born………

  12. Anonymous

    She should be stuffed in a toilet until she fits even if it mean breaking her bones, then a picture should be taken of her and placed in her prison cell for her to see for the rest of her life. How about that? CRAZY WOMAN!

  13. Yao Kouei Saetern

    my heart goes to the child but damn she is gonna get her ass beat in jail. n when she gets out there will be extra beating. she's better off killing herself

  14. Nancy Marquez

    That mother should spend her entire life in jail. I could really never imagine that some parents out there are very irresponsible in taking care of their own child. It doesn't mean that when the father leaves you automatically you'll take them for granted. As a mom I am very particular in terms of protecting my kids and seeing other kids being treated improperly hurts me much. Good thing I read about this Immediate Panic Button technology. I can now protect my kids and so as the other kids out there who might need help. Through this, any incident you report to them in a single press of a panic button they got a direct routing to 911, which I think very beneficial to us human being. For we don't know what may happen in a single second. Check safekidzone this may help.

  15. Tonya Osier

    It takes a nut case to bring attention to her real problem..she may hurt both kids thank heavens he reported her to the police.

  16. Debrah L Ward-Alsobrook

    Obviously, take the baby away from this stupid ho, then her drugs, then put her in jail to go through withdrawls, then execute her. I know it won't happen, but it's what she deserves.

  17. Lisa Young Napier

    The worst thing is she will get out in a few months and they will hand the kids right back to her. If the children wind up dead, they might put her in jail..but maybe not. Just ask Casey Anthony.

  18. Kathleen Mcclune-Garvey

    The father must be a real winner to have gotten involved with her in the first place! Must have seen some signs along the way that she was disturbed but allowed his penis to make the decisions! Poor kids!

  19. Sindy Finn

    I hope she gets a good beating in prison. One year is no where near enough. Is this not a clear case for steralization.
    Please tell me she loses custody for life term of those kids. God knows what the three year old must have endured before its sibling came along.

  20. Kristine Blake

    "The infant was not physically harmed during the abuse?" That has to be the dumbest thing anyone ever wrote about ABUSE! Are you kidding me? These things stay with the child forever….I hope they NEVER EVER give her custody even if she goes to treatment for (2) decades. No way, no how should that infant go back to that psycho beoch~.

  21. Angelia Bobbitt

    Voica is correct. She is a nigger and not because of her ethnicity but her ignorance like Voica who's also a nigger for attempting to insult a whole race. Look up Kelli Murphy, what is she Voica? Voica ethnicity means race.

  22. Kia M Flower

    "People who will love and care for 'her' (his) kids need custody of them"…Like the daddy who reported it to the police instead of killing her. Sounds like he has the best interest and of all.

  23. Gina Keller

    This is the reason why you don't make children when you're not ready. Stupid woman.

  24. Ellen Brown

    Exactly the same thing I want to know. WTF was wrong with the judge and jury? Probably pled insanity, and that she is to do that to her own baby. If she goes to general pop look out…

  25. Ben Press

    My baby daddy dat mafakka be messin wit anudda beatch! I show his ass, I gwine abuse his baby. Dat sho nuf gwine make him come back to me!

  26. Anonymous


  27. Simon Forsman

    only one year in JAIL? she should do 25 in prison at least! do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars you disgusting excuse for a human being.

  28. Kathy Kalous

    If this isn't a case for sterilization, I don't know what is!

  29. Kristen O'Keefe

    So if she was a secretary would they have titled this, "Secretary Puts Newborn In Toilet, Takes Pictures To Send To Dad". No! They would have said, "Woman Puts Newborn In Toilet, Takes Pictures To Send To Dad". This story is HORRIBLE enough already! Why generalize strippers in this manner. And don't think you (and by "you" I mean the person who wrote this, or the person who came up with the title) can use the old, tired, played out stripper stereotypes. Why can't you use those stereotypes you ask? Because you don't have to be STRIPPER to be a shitty parent or just a shitty person who purposely puts their children in danger! I knew a typical, everyday SERVER at an Applebee's in Shreveport, LA who was open with his co-workers about his use of heroin. -We all know there are some shitty, drug addicted, abusive strippers out there. JUST LIKE shitty, drug addicted, abusive construction workers, teachers, police officers, [place random job title here]. So do yourself a favor, The Inquisitr. Learn how to be objective in your journalism and avoid senseless titles to your stories.

  30. Kristen O'Keefe

    She will more than likely be killed in jail. Even convicts seek their own justice against child abusers.

  31. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? Thank goodness the young man had the sense to report her and who has the 3 yr old and this other little angel now? That piece of trash should never be allowed to have children again. She owuld have killed that baby, and I have NO doubt about that! DO NOT GIVE those children back to her!

  32. Kelly Neville-Young

    Her parental rights need to be terminated immediatly! There are too many people that would make amazing parents that cant have children for this thing refuse to call her a person to spit it there face and GODS to squander blessing just because she was jealous.

  33. Jennifer Kathleen Pessagno

    EXCUSE ME! But why the HELL is she ONLY getting 1 year in jail and NOT life in prison? If she were here in the state of NY, especially Upstate NY, she'd never get out of jail because we NYers don't take crap from anyone like that! She should be court ordered to have her tubes tied and have a hysterectomy so that she can't harm another infant ever again! I pray for the father and that he gets full, permanent custody of his son and that she never ever steps foot near that poor innocent baby again….

  34. Jennifer Kathleen Pessagno

    Who the FUCK are you to make racial slurs??? People of ALLl races can be abusers…Trust me, I know…I was abused by my father for 2 years..and abused by my first husband and my current soon-to-be ex husband for the past 3 years and we are NOT the "N" word…By the way, you don't appear very educated to be misspelling a racial slur…get of your ass and get an education so that you can get a real job…I'm from a military family as well as a Catholic family and I was NEVER raised the way you are!!!!!! I'm sick of people like you making rude comments based on someone's race or difference…GROW UP and act like a PROPER and MATURE adult…FYI…I'm also from a VERY EDUCATED family and my grammar and spelling are perfect compared to yours…

  35. Jennifer Kathleen Pessagno

    AMEN to that..I only agree to that because there are many females out there who shouldn't ever be allowed to have children…my family has to support the ones who don't know who the "fathers" are because they are/were too LAZY to use birth control!!!!!!!

  36. Jennifer Kathleen Pessagno

    And the taxpayers, GOD BLESS them, have to pay for her to spread her legs and give birth to children she has NO business having in the first place…where the FUCK were the caseworkers and social workers from the Welfare department when this was going on????????????

  37. Jennifer Kathleen Pessagno

    Let the Florida authorities send her up here to Auburn Correctional Facility in Auburn, NY (upstate NY, NOT NYC) and she can get a really good beating from my soon-to-be ex-husband whose sentenced there for the next 10 years for beating me for the past 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL, she MAY ENJOY it since she's a nasty ass hoe "stripper" and I GUARANTEE that I can kick some serious ass on the stage and around the pole than she has….

  38. Hugo Garcia

    She only got a year? That's BS. She should have her kids removed from her home and locked up for attempted murder. You don't treat a newborn baby that way because the EX moved on to another woman.

  39. Anonymous

    This bitch needs her ass kicked. Don't take it out on the baby because you are too immature and the father doesn't want to be with you. It was her choice to give birth to this baby. I hope to God they take this child from her for good.

  40. Debi Ray

    Damn, Boo-you make very valid points-I think…you included not nary a punctuation, so your comment was just one long run on sentence…after reading it several times for clarity, I do agree with what you meant.

  41. Debi Ray

    Sad to say, but this DID happen in FL, so in no longer surprised at much from that state…only saddened for those poor babies. It's so sad when ppl make it about the relationship (or failure thereof) and NOT about the life & wellbeing of the life who's now dependant upon the selfish irresponsible individual w/not a shred of maternal instincts.

  42. Anonymous

    Kelly Neville-Young "Lester will spend one year in jail on charges of child abuse. The infant was not physically harmed during the abuse." There ya go…

  43. Gary Batchelder

    I'm mad at daddy so I'm going to abuse you to get back at him…..what a psycho bitch…..i've said it once I'll say it again…you need a liscense to fish….a liscense to drive…..but..ANY ASSHOLE CAN BE A PARENT… very sad especially in the wake of the CT. tragedy

  44. Lesa Williams

    WOW this idiot got 1 year in prison for child abuse. Casey Anthony murdered her daughter allowed her body to rot and now she is a free woman. I guess the penalty truly depends on the state you live in, how.
    deep your pockets are or how deep your lawyer's pockets are.

  45. Tiara Johnson

    My jaw is still dropped from the "not abused" statement! I'm sorry, but if that isn't abuse, then what the heck is? Did they even examine the baby? This baby BETTER go to the father since he clearly has better instincts then the mother! Also, children in that age range (under 5) have a much promising future of being adopted by a good home which is where her children need to go if there are no others that are able to properly care for them. SMH @1 year in jail! God please don't let her be the caregiver, babysitter or anything close to that of any other children from here on!

  46. Robert Sanders

    Throw that nut job in jail and then throw away the keys.Plenty of people would like to have a child and can't and she does all these things to a helpless child she should be on death row or be fixed like the dog she is.

  47. Nyron Franklin

    ALL HUMAN BEINGS have the capacity for evil. Not just "darkies" as you so eloquently put it. Idiots and GODless people come in all shape sizes and colors. Point in fact: the mass murder that just happened in Conneticut? The evil bastard that murdered his own mother and 25 other people 20 of them CHILDREN?
    What was his race? Got nothing to say to that do you junior? THINK before you speak. You want to be a racist jackass then by all means do so. Just remember that while you exercise your First amendment right others can do the same including us "darkies". But "Koester" it is easy to say things like this from the safety of your computer and not look someone in the eye to talk your B.S.

  48. Amanda Bollinger

    Facebook ate my damn comment. It basically said that a 1yr sentence was absurd.

  49. Brian Lee Keener

    Let's all pray she dies the most painful way possible and pray whether your savior is God or Satan let's unite and make sure this bitch dies then goes straight to hell to be tortured forever and she'll being wishing to be burned alive as it will be like a great massage compared too what she has coming.

  50. Anonymous

    So sad! Poor baby! One fuc*&%g YEAR! Really America! she putting a bag over anyone's head especially a defenseless 5week old is attempted murder!

  51. Anonymous

    child abuse……the result of "LEGALIZE ABORTION! WOMBS HAVE BECOME "CHAMBERS OF DEATH" BECAUSE OF THE "SO CALLED "CHOICE" OVER THE "MOTHER'S BODY….not the baby in her womb! When you kill your unborn child with the full sanction of the law, then MURDER OF THE INNOCENTS become acceptable, and all the "justification and "play on words" will NEVER NEGATE that TRUTH….in the minds of these mothers who kill "before" and after the child is BORN, their "life" is of no value in their minds….it's SOCIALIZATION accepting societies' view, laws legality…

    BUT! MAKE NO MISTAKE….there is a higher law….THE LAW OF GOD, laugh if you will, hold to your pitiful human understanding of what you CHOOSE TO BELIEVE! in the final day of judgment and FOR MANY….BEFORE THAT DAY… will see the hand of GOD STRIKING DOWN THE IGNORANCE OF MAN….while he holds these "innocence" in his loving arms……..

  52. Michele Perry

    I hope like hell she loses BOTH her kids for good! What a sick, twisted bitch! I also hope both babies are in a loving and stable home! UGH!

  53. Tonya Hice

    She gets a year for this (I think she deserves more) & the girl who killed her baby gets 18 months! WTF is going on in FL, anyway?! Guess if I'm gonna commit a heinous crime, I'd better do it in that state, they seem pretty lenient.

  54. Leslie Sanchez Mapa

    I hope she gives this baby up, poor baby doesn't stand a chance. They should take the other child away from her as well. I'd like to hold her head in a unflushed toilet.

  55. Leslie Sanchez Mapa

    I hope she gives this baby up, poor baby doesn't stand a chance. They should take the other child away from her as well. I'd like to hold her head in a unflushed toilet.

  56. Vl Towler

    what a sick one… take both her kids' away from her. she knew it was wrong. a flaming idiot, that one.

  57. Bobbi Cada

    If you want to get away with something go to Florida I guess. Whomever the hell was responsible for prosecuting this case needs their ass beat. Shove them in a toilet, and put a bag over their head. She needs to be jailed for attempted murder. Did the judge and prosecutor get their damn degrees from a correspondence course over the internet? All of these mothers and fathers killing their children everyday, you see it on the news, are going to keep doing it unless steeper punishments are put in place. This insane 1 year behind bars, is just giving people a free pass to abuse their kids. Geez no wonder he was messing around, I seriously doubt this was her first incidence of insanity. I hope she never sees those kids again.

  58. Karla Stroupe Hink

    "The infant was not physically harmed during the abuse" Ummmm, what? These poor kids! One year in jail? That's it? We live in one messed up WORLD! People will start valuing children when we as a nation start valuing children. The punishment should fit the crime! I can only imagine what else she did when she wasn't preoccupied by taking pictures.

  59. Laura Bauer

    Kelly Neville-Young She will be in GP, along w/ the hundreds of other child abusers. It's too sad, so many babes hurt by their own Mom's. The statistics are sickening.

  60. Courtney Deville

    What a pathetic excuse for a so called mother…she literally makes me sick! Just wait until the other inmates find out what shes in for! May God have mercy on her soul…

  61. Stacie Gray

    For Everyday she's in jail I hope her cell mate treat her the same way. The exact same way!!!

  62. Kathy Livingston

    I could never have children for the No good Piece of Crap to do this to a Baby.. Give me 5 min with! and I'll show her how it feels.. We call It a good ole Northside ass wiping ( Florida style ).

  63. Anonymous

    That piece of SCUM, needs to be STERILIZED, so that NO other child can be afflicted by her INSANE ways…. some people have NO RIGHT to be a parent, this piece of filthy SCUM is one of them.

  64. Anonymous

    This filthy piece of SCUM should be sterilized, there are some people who have NO RIGHT to be parents, NO child should be subjected to this INSANE piece of SCUM'S ways… period…. her children should be taken and she should be executed… I am SOOOOOOO tried of all the BS people get away with… it we convicted AND PUNISHED people accordingly, we would NOT have this kind of BS prevalent in our society…period…. want to show some mercy to her… you're just another LIBERAL.. thinking person who has NO understanding of LAWS and the ways of a CIVIL society… CIVIL society, DOES hold people responsible for their actions….in a very sharp, strict and just way.. period…doubt this? take some TIME and study SUCCESSFUL societies of the past and see….

  65. Don Williams

    First thing she needs to spayed then she needs to spend about 20 years in jail, then she should never be aloud to come within 50 miles of a child again. That is if she should survive the jail term.

  66. Anonymous

    Wish she'd put a plastic bag over her own head. What is wrong with mothers these days? How selfish can they get to do this over jealously of an ex-boyfriend? One year ain't going to cut it for this sick woman. That poor little baby boy.

  67. Jeff Blum

    She did it because she “suspected her ex was messing around with another woman.” If he's her ex, it's not messing around. You can't cheat on someone you aren't together with. Sounds like someone has trouble letting go. Somehow I doubt a year in prison will change that.

  68. Anthony Tarantino

    The real problem lies with our judicial system. We spend millions of tax dollars to keep these monsters locked up, when we should just "dispose" of them. The punishment should match the crime.

  69. Mark Norwood Lan

    So who gets the child now? Is the 22 year old father going to step up to the plate? The woman should never see this child again and the 3 year old as well.

  70. Edward Eubanks

    The child was NOT physically harmed. That you think it should have been does not make it so. Nor will a 5-week old remember this for the rest of his life or even two weeks from now. That said, the mother does not deserve custody of the child. No matter how wronged she felt or how much she wanted to hurt the father, using the child in this was was criminal and reeks of mental illness.

  71. Edward Eubanks

    Deserves execution? For this stunt? Please. What country are you living in? The Medievel State of Bakasstan? Even in Bakistan, eye for an eye punishment would only allow for you to sit her in a trash can or inside a commode. Try to get your mind around the concept of the punishment fitting the crime. Not death or anything near it.

  72. Melissa Lamphere

    This is beyond disturbing. I feel terrible for the poor little girl that had to witness this. This woman needs serious therapy, which she won't receive in jail. It should be mandatory.

  73. Susie Walker

    A 3 year old? and a 5 week old? she is 22 years old? OMG! Where do they get this sort of idea from; to abuse little ones in such a way? I just read another story on here where a 23 year old was arrested for having sex with a Pit Bull in plain view of all the neighbors. Made me throw- up. If these people are my future, dear GOD take me now!

  74. Kara Lindberg Buckland

    Anyone that can even think about doing those things will never be ready. I had my first child at 15 and four kids by 20 and I didn't even spank my kids! This bitch sounds like a straight psychopath

  75. Christina Thammavong

    Some guys never learn…even try to make excuses for the poor creatures..

  76. Tracy Hoey Kelly

    Sadly, you have to wonder what the three year old has already been through. Let's not forget that at the tender age of 23, this young lady has another 20 years of fertility.

  77. Margarita I. Muñoz

    If this isn't a world class POS a$$hole, I don't know what is! What a stupid bitch! This is how you retaliate towards the baby's dad? By hurting the baby? Stupid, selfish, psychotic, evil bitch! And I absolutely HATE that her lil 3 year old had to bear witness to her insanity! This is what happens when stupid, selfish bitches have babies at such a young age! If you're not mentally mature to handle yourself, you should NOT be having children!

  78. Maryann Stensrude

    At least the father had the brains to report this to the police asap! Thank goodness she's in jail… AND I hope the poor child never gets returned to her "custody" – EVER!

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