Big Boobs make a Handy Purse – Watch Winter Pierzina’s Youtube Video Here

Another reason to love big boobs! Winter Pierzina has become a Youtube sensation lately with over 2 million total views of her videos. Why so much attention?

Pierzina has large breasts and Youtube viewers love that sort of thing. But what she does with those boobs makes watching her videos all the more entertaining. Pierzina, a 20 year old college student from Arizona, uses her bra to store things. In other words, she uses her bra as a purse.

It all started when Pierzina showed up at a BBQ and her friends complained that they had nowhere to put their things, like cellphones, keys, etc.

“I just told them to give me anything they wanted to take into the party and before I knew it I had three sets of keys, three tubes of lipgloss, three cell phones. We sat there for like five minutes rearranging things until it looked like absolutely nothing was in there.”

What the heck. God gave me giant boobs, I find them to be very entertaining.

America loves big boobs, and America loves humor … so why not put them together?”

So as a joke, she filmed herself inserting and pulling out things from her never-ending cleavage. Of course, pretty girls + large boobs + using them for a purpose = tons of people viewing her videos.

Winter Pierzina’s youtube account is WintrSprngSummrFall and you have to be logged in and confirm your age to view her videos, but for the entertainment factor it’s well worth it.

I’ll try to embed the video of Winter Pierzina using her bra and boobs as a purse, but in case it doesn’t show, you can see the video at this link. Enjoy!