Leah Messer Cleans Herself Up But Faces Backlash Over Thin Body And Spray Tan
Leah Messer Teen Mom

Leah Messer Cleans Herself Up But Faces Backlash Over Thin Body And Spray Tan

Leah Messer has had a tough year. Despite struggling with her own anxiety and her changing life as her second marriage went down the drain, Teen Mom fans didn’t exactly show her much support. Instead, Leah has been dealing with her own issues, including taking care of her daughters and getting her girls to school and therapy on time. For a while, Corey Simms was concerned about his daughter, Ali, who had missed several therapy sessions for her muscular dystrophy. He went to the courts, and Messer was surprised when the courts granted him primary custody of the girls.

According to a new Instagram, Leah Messer is now trying to turn her life around after fighting for her girls. Just months after the courts granted Corey primary custody, Messer fought back, saying that her girls hadn’t missed schools and she proved that the school records with the attendance were false. Now that Messer’s girls are in school, she took some time to herself to get her makeup done and a spray tan. Sadly, people were very critical of her.

What would I do without my boos!? #sisters #cousins #Family #Pool #Summer2016 ❤️

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“Mascara, lipstick, and a Norvell Organic Spray tan! I love it, and I sure don’t miss those tanning beds either! #BeYOU #BeNatutal #Happy #Healthy FYI: My spray tan will be much lighter after I shower!” Leah revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself where she looked very happy and healthy.

Many people were very critical of Leah because of some other pictures she had posted this summer. Messer had previously posted a picture of her in a bikini, which did reveal that she was very skinny. However, Leah has always been thin. Even when she had twins, she quickly lost the baby weight and went back to her thin frame. Messer has gone through many hardships over the past couple of months, which means that it’s easy for people to criticize her. However, Leah does have supporters and they were happy to see her with makeup on, getting a tan and looking healthy without dark circles under her eyes.

“She looks good! I have a soft spot for Leah… she has not had an easy road in her young life. She made mistakes but seems to be doing much better. I hope they’ve all sorted their issues and have come up with a good co-parenting arrangement. I hope Corey has finally said enough with the courts and changing custody around. Don’t waste the girls’ childhoods away fighting. They need both of them especially Ali,” one person wrote in support of Leah Messer, while another added, “You are beautiful and just a reminder to you don’t feel like you always have to explain yourself haters gonna hate you have a beautiful girls and a great family keep doing you girl it works!!!”

She's my girl, my whole world! She's my life❤️❣

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And many people had noticed how Messer actually looked sick when she was stressed out and dealing with anxiety. On Teen Mom, she was falling asleep and she had dark circles under her eyes. She also looked pale. However, these days, she’s looking happy, healthy and rested. And some people noticed that she was actually looking much better.

“I think it’s her under eyes. When she was stressed dealing with all that stuff she looked like she wasn’t sleeping at all. Less stress looks good on her for sure,” one person pointed out on her Instagram account.

Messer is trying to create a happy home for her daughters. According to All About The Tea, she recently moved into a new home that she was able to purchase on her own. She is very excited about this new chapter of her life.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s new look? Are you surprised that she’s focusing on herself now that her girls are in school?

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