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Jessica Simpson Dons Daisy Duke Shorts Again

Jessica Simpson Back In Daisy Dukes

Jessica Simpson was back in her Daisy Duke shorts as she stepped out to celebrate her fiance Eric Johnson’s birthday. Simpson remade Daisy Duke’s when she played Daisy in the 2005 remake of the classic television show The Dukes of Hazzard.

Simpson added a covering black top and some sky-high heels to complete her look, reports The Examiner. The singer/ actress/ fashionista has been struggling to lose weight after giving birth to her daughter, Maxwell Drew, four months ago.

The singer is looking fantastic after she lost more than 40 pounds, most of the weight she gained throughout her pregnancy with her first baby. Simpson was certainly not the first mother to realize that the baby weight doesn’t simply come off with the baby.

Jessica Simpson has taken the steps to get rid of her baby weight, with great success, even signing up to work with Weight Watchers to help her manage a healthy diet. She added that, “I had to stay focused on my diet. I want to be as healthy as I can because I’m a mom now.”

TMZ adds that, with the recent picture of Jessica in Santa Monica, California, there’s no reason why she couldn’t have shown off her body (including her fantastic toned legs) in her first Weight Watchers commercial. Simpson also posted photos of her and Johnson with their now four-month-old baby girl Maxwell Drew during her daddy’s 33rd birthday party

The star has also added maternity clothes to her designer line. Check out the pictures of Simpson in her Daisy Dukes here. What do you think of Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Duke-wearing post baby body?

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3 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Dons Daisy Duke Shorts Again”

  1. Yessenia Monier

    legs don't change with pregnancy….it takes months to lose extra weight in other places and she is very short and had a massive baby – I would be more worried about stretch marks and the extra skin you get that you can never diet away.

    See Jessica Simpson return to Daisy Duke Shorts after Struggle to Lose Baby Weight Photos here.

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