Brandon Marshall wants out of Denver

Brandon Marshall and the Denver Broncos are at an impasse. Brandon would like a new contract more in line with his status as a premier receiver in this league. To this point Marshall has a pretty good argument. he was the most targeted receiver in the NFL in 2008. The number two guy on that list, Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans, makes 7.5 million dollars a year. The Number three guy on that list, Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals makes 10 million dollars per season. By comparison Marshall made just 448,000 dollars in 2008. He is set to make 2.2 million for 2009.

This is not a clear cut case of the team trying to under pay their star receiver. Marshall has had a few off the field incidents that have already led him to be suspended by the NFL. He is also working his way back form injuries, he recently had hip surgery, and most NFL fans understand that a hip injury could negatively affect a wide receiver.

While Marshall is in training camp it doesn’t appear that his heart is in it. He is working with the scout team trying to get back into playing shape. He has also admitted he is behind in picking up the Broncos new offensive scheme.

Now comes work that the New York Jets may be interested in acquiring Marshall if they can do so for the right price. Since Denver is int he first year of an extensive rebuild it may be beneficial to trade Marshall away and rebuild the team as new Head Coach Josh McDaniels sees fit.