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Obama Flag Debuts As Campaign Gives Old Glory A Makeover For Election: Are You Offended By Obama’s Flag Imagery?

obama flag 2012

An Obama flag design has been debuted by the President’s 2012 campaign, and reaction is pretty much as expected on the internet. Basically somewhere between nuclear war and cancer; maybe like if nuclear war could get cancer, then we might begin to understand exactly how transgressive the Obama flag is.

The Obama flag controversy just seems like the latest in a long line of rote criticisms of the President, most of which end in “he’s UNAMERICAN,” most of which in turn seem to stem from the fact that, unlike previous presidents, Obama is black.

The Obama flag controversy, for instance — can you imagine it happening with Bush or McCain or even if Mitt Romney used flag-like imagery in his campaign materials? The Obama flag, like every single campaign sign or symbol ever is red white and blue; that in and of itself is not very divisive.

But the Obama flag goes a step further, overlaying the stripes portion on the continental US, and then, where the stars would be, the Obama campaign symbol is located.

Okay, if Obama was trying to actually make this the flag, it might seem a bit egotistical. Why don’t you just use a hammer and sickle and be done with it, O’Bummer! But he’s not: It’s a promotional image to sell as a print to supporters to support his big for re-election and a nice, subtly patriotic one at that. Chill out, people.

As you can imagine, the chilling out has yet to come. Fox News was good enough to capture only the angry sentiment off Facebook, and many Obama dislikers have taken to social media to complain about the Obama flag. They huff:

“This is so offensive … I don’t know why I’m shocked, but I am. This stoops to new lows.”

“Once again, very shameful. This is a disgrace.”

“And just what was wrong with the flag with the stars and stripes? … Why must Obama create his own flag?”

obama flag

Although, to be fair, it looks like Obama’s campaign referenced the flag, rather than actually creating his own flag. Another dissenter moans:

“A good number of my family, including me and my twin sons, have served under the flag … This is so far beyond insulting. I can’t imagine anyone who considers themself a patriot voting for Obama. Who does he think he is?”

Yeah, who does he think he is? The President or something?

It seems apparent reading the complaints that dissenters have the same problem they always have with Obama, that they just don’t respect his legitimacy as president. Are you bothered by the Obama flag, or do you think it’s another big to-do over nothing?

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178 Responses to “Obama Flag Debuts As Campaign Gives Old Glory A Makeover For Election: Are You Offended By Obama’s Flag Imagery?”

  1. Anonymous

    I bet 1/2 the people "offended" by this have Rebel flags hanging in their houses….

  2. Eve Soto

    To me the Flag is a Permanent Symbol of the USA and should not be altered by anyone.

  3. Donna Heurlin

    Greenbird1225, all Americans should be offended by anyone "altering" the American flag, whether for a campaign gimmick, or because they think this new flag more symbolizes the hope and change we obviously did not get. At least the Rebel Flag is a symbol of what was a "legitimate cause" at one time, misguided though it may have been. I am sick of people attacking us as being racist – and I believe your reference to a Rebel Flag was another attempt at that – just because we see what this man has done and is doing to our country, while doing nothing for our country. I didn't agree with everything Bush did, or his father, or Clinton, or Reagan, or Carter, or even Kennedy, but at least I knew with 100% certainty that these men were Patriots, with America's best interests at heart. I do NOT know this to be true of President Obama. Race has nothing to do with any of this, I can count a numnber of black persons that I would be more than happy to call my president. Men and women of good consience, who love this country and don't want to "fundamentally change" it. If you want to attack us for being patriots, you better come at us with more than a reference to a rebel flag, cause that dog just won't hunt!

  4. Jennifer Stodghill

    I am shocked that they "the government" are allowing the flag to be sold. King OBAMA needs to be dethroned.

  5. Jim Sellers

    the american flag is one of the last things we have left that reminds the world we stand for freedom I fought in vietnam and everytime I saw the flag I was proud to know I was defending freedom for everyone who wanted it its an insult that obumo and his group think its ok to make a mockery of the flag its like slapping the faces of those who fought and died for what the flag stands for I hope no one buys it and if they do I hope they burn it.

  6. Gregory Topliff

    Just when you think that Obama can't stick the knife into the guts of the American people any further, he comes up with another insult bigger than the lies he has told to the American people. Being a 100% disabled marine Vietnam veteran, I for one didn't fight for my country and give up my youth to see a lousy Socialist/Communists United States president desecrate and alter a flag that my brothers died for. You have some pair on you Mr. President.

  7. Julia Luna Musich

    To Kim LaCapria, the writer of this article, as you can see from the comments to your article that we Americans don't take this as lightly as you do. Why would you make it appear in your article that making an image that reflects altering OUR American flag (with a cresent moon looking half circle and paint stripes that look like the finger prints at the libyan embassy where OUR people were murdered, that's what it reminds me of, I don't know about anyone else.), Anyway why would you make it look like this is a trifle matter?

  8. Jackie Gualtieri

    The Presidency is not permanent position. Our President is a temporary public servant elected into office to protect us and our way of life. The image we know and love of our US Flag represents our country at it's strongest, which is why it means so much to me. There's too much change going on under the noses of our citizens unnoticed. People are burning our flag as we speak in the middle east, and our government is apologizing to them — spending our tax dollars to do so — as they continue to plot to kill us anyway. Mr. President's disrespect of our flag (not the first time either) is just another step away from the strong and proud America I love so dearly. Just my opinion.

  9. Peggy Gartman

    The Obama flag is a perfect representation of Obama…white flag (representing surrender), red slashes (similar to the blood stains found on the post in the consulate), and his logo (indicating that he and no one else is to blame).

  10. Kim LaCapria

    I AM an American, and I happen to be one that knows stylizing the flag has been around as long as Lincoln. The problem is so many people who get verklempt over these sorts of things are low-information voters, never passed a history class, and don't know the facts. I love my country, which is why I don't want to see it overrun with ignoramuses.

  11. Travis Brown

    the fact that you had to go all the way back to 1864 before the flag reached it's final form to try and validate your argument is hilarious.

  12. Kim LaCapria

    Are you missing the point on purpose or are you really not getting it? The alteration of the flag imagery goes all the way back to Lincoln, and has been done subsequently by several presidents. However, Abe Lincoln is kind of a big deal. We have a whole giant statue of him in DC. And he did it. So "altered by anyone" shows a HUGE ignorance of American history and tradition.

  13. Travis Brown

    im not the one missing the point here, kim. show me a flag used in a campaign that replaced the stars with their own symbol. lincoln only had his name on the flag to go along with the 24 stars — the total number of union states back in 1864 would be the number of stars you see on the lincoln flag. the stars are supposed to symbolize unity between the states, hence why we're the UNITED States of America. However, the person that made this flag obviously misses the point of the stars and took the worst possible way around trying to make something positive. the way this flag came out makes it look as if we should all be under his rule. it doesnt matter who made the damn flag, what matters is that they had no common sense when making said promotional picture. they also didnt have the i.q. high enough to put the full 13 stripes on the flag (for the original 13 colonies that declared independence from the british) if you want to get into it. the bottom line is that this is a half ass attempt to make an Obama promotion, and they sent accross the wrong message while failing miserably. im suprised anyone lets you write for them.

  14. Travis Brown

    okay, so you got me in the 'show me one more' front. but your comments on me 'reaching' dont really do much other than deflect from every statement i made. if you want to use your 4chan logic of 'heres a picture, i showed you! burnnn hahahaha', then do it somewhere else. had the internet been around back in '84, the same web-riot would have happened. you need to get off your high horse and learn that not everyone that disagrees with you/obama is an idiot/racist.

  15. Arthur J. Graham

    I think it is unbelievable–a flag, a pledge–to him. He is narcissistic beyond belief. I mean, in the big scheme of things, it's not as bad as his murder of American citizens without trial or his defending indefinite detention, but these are the symbols of those acts. I would never have believed there could be a president worse than Bush or Nixon, but what makes this most sickening is that it done under the guise of being "progressive." If this is progressive, I want no part of it.

  16. Charlie Fisher

    Oboma and his flag can take a hike out of this country.He realy is an IDIOT.

  17. Young Conservatives

    Obama is an insult to America, her values, her morality, her integrity, her past, her future, and her present. And this Flag is just another demonstration of his contempt for America's history.

  18. Cathy Terry Mitchell

    What an ass he is the stupidest man ever I don't even acknowledge him as president and never will. Yes we need change so lets clean out the white house once and for all!

  19. Rita Dirkse Dykhouse

    "The Obama flag controversy just seems like the latest in a long line of rote criticisms of the President, most of which end in “he’s UNAMERICAN,” most of which in turn seem to stem from the fact that, unlike previous presidents, Obama is black." You are seriously pulling the "race card" on this? I wouldn't like Obama for president if he were white, Hispanic, or Native American. And, I don't like the Obama flag either; it has nothing to do with the fact that he is Black (and White). I am so ready for a change in the country, and it won't happen if we continue with Obama as president. Let's move him and his flag out of office.

  20. David McLain

    My questions about the alteration of the flag for his campaign has a different twist. For one, if you turn the image sideways, then the rising sun with the crescent above it…is a really close Islam symbol..which is the crescent moon, and star. As well, The united states flag has 7 red stripes, and 6 white = 13..but Obama`s has 5 red, and 4 white =9…which is the number of men from `Ukil`that muhammad tortoured and killed. This is also odd since there are 5 pillars of Islam, which are the framework of the muslim life, and as they prey 5 times a day…so in 5 time prayer, muslims recite the Al-Fatihah 17 times…which is the total amount of all of the symbols on the obama flag. Then there are 4 white stripes, and another 3 in the field =7…which is a significant number as`the Islamic seven`. Then there are the 3 blue stripes left in the field…could those have the meaning of..According to the prophet Muhammad there are 3 holy cities of islam.
    Now some people may not think that numbers are a big deal, but they are. The u.s. flag has 13 stripes for a reason..they symbolize the 13 original colonies…The stars have meaning as well…and most every flag in the world has meaning behind it… why would he change that number to a number that could have a different meaning?

  21. Just the facts:Obama & Romney

    I don't respect his right to be president. He has repeatedly violated the constitution ( illegal recesss appintments , violating religious freedom, appointing “Czars” without congressional approval, undermining the nation’s armed forces refusing to enforce laws he doesn’t like (such as immigration), acting without consent of congress when required, protecting traitors who gave weapons to drug dealer and criminals).



    I pledge alliegence to the flag of the Obamastates of America,
    and to the oppression for which is stands,
    Just one more third world nation under a dictator,
    with tyranny and taxes for all.

  22. Robyn Thomas Peterson

    It is not a big to-do over nothing! This is wrong! This is the United States of America, not the United States of Obama! This is SO un-American! He should take pride in the flag and all it stands for, not alter it to fit what he stands for! Of course, it just goes to show you that he is not proud to be an American!

  23. Anonymous

    The big O has to GO! This is disgusting, him and his wife are racist socialists. Can you imagine if a Republican even suggested doing this the blasted Dems would be all over it! Like I said that lying piece of crap has to go. He blames everyone for everything and never takes responsibility for anything. Is he so stupid that he doesn't know that the house and senate were and some still are run by Dems….please how stupid does he think the American people are this guy is the Anti Christ!

  24. Ken Wilkas

    Gimme a break. My son fought for our Flag and Country while in the Army in Afghanistan. He did not do this for Obama. What an effing disgrace. It's time for him to go.

  25. Diane D'Augostine

    Defacing our flag is a disgrace to America and those who defended our nation. remember the pledge of allegiance to our flag….is this next ????!!!!

  26. Julie Henggeler Butler

    Kim, you're the ignoramus. Just because Lincoln did it does not make it right!

  27. Rose Marie Olszewski

    Kim LaCapria, you tell the VFW and American Legion that stylizing the U.S.A. flag is cool. I am not going to call you a jerk; but, I am thinking about it. And what did you say about low-information voters and never passing a history class in your comment to Julia? So you are saying if one disagrees with you, they are not up to your low standards; therefore, “A's" in college government does not count when a person is not a socialist. Actually, the people for freedom and respect the Flag are smarter– they want freedom and liberty.

  28. Kim LaCapria

    The ignoramusing is that people are contending that this is some sort of unique narcissism on the part of Barack Obama when in fact, presidents from Reagan to Lincoln have done it.

  29. Cindy Gonzalez

    obama needs to go back to where he came from. our flag represents AMERICA and all that we stand for. Any-one who agrees with his socialists ways should leave this country too. This is a disgrace to all AMERICANS!

  30. Butch Matthews

    His desecration I'd the US flag only mirrors his desecration of America. I'll never forget or forgive Michelle Obama commenting to him at the 9/11 flag ceremony, "All this for a damn flag". What a disgrace they are!

  31. Butch Matthews

    No, idiot, you just did! I don't care what color his skin is, he happens to be half white, he's a socialist carrying out his father's see of socializing the world. Make up.

  32. Kim LaCapria

    Again, not the point. I see a lot of handwringing over how Obama is a narcissist who is changing this nation (false) and when I refute your points specifically, you move the goalposts. Lincoln's same act was too old to be relevant and then Saint Reagan was deflecting, huh?

  33. Diane D'Augostine

    Amen…Americans are so blinded to the truth and manipulated by his lies…. with his phony charsimatic ways

  34. Diane D'Augostine

    Obama is so socialistic …beyond….God help our America ……..

  35. Bess Tyner

    He is an arrogant unpatriotic ass who thinks he's the messiah. Can't wait til nov

  36. Diane D'Augostine

    Thank you for your insight and knowledge of the islams/flag. America ..WAKE UP Obama has declared war by killing innocent babies by the thousands which will effect generations to come .. he is bringing our nation down down down. Research creditable sources before voting. Look a t the name of the government controlled healthcare .. Obamacare-. What next .America, a mysterious drowning of our Statue of Liberty !!replaced
    with a socialistic govenment, total government control into a one world religion. One thing Obama does not have is power over our God.

  37. Richard Greer

    Yes. Through the years there have been others in the Presidential race use the Flag in their campaigns. But this is the first time, at least that I remember, that one has used it and changed the colors of it. Now that's disrespectful.

  38. Rita Dirkse Dykhouse

    I didn't pull the race card. I was quoting from the article. And, as rude as your comment might be, I will not call you an idiot. I was saying the same thing you did; I don't care what color his skin is either. Did you not read my comment?

  39. Rita Dirkse Dykhouse

    I didn't pull the race card. I was quoting from the article. And, as rude as your comment might be, I will not call you an idiot. I was saying the same thing you did; I don't care what color his skin is either. Did you not read my comment?

  40. Kent Dailey

    I would have thought he would have learned his lesson when the Florida DNC was forced to take down their flag that had his picture where the stars should be…..but I guess some folks are just SLOW learners………

  41. Charles Sessions

    My thinking is the fraud has got away with so much whats one more thing . If he goes back in , remember get under your desk and kiss this country goodbye

  42. Sharon McFarlane

    Yes I am offended. This country is not about Obama, it is about our country's history and WE THE PEOPLE, that flag has our history poured into it and will cause more issues than Obama has even imagined if he changes anything about it. Is he really that disrespectful to OUR country?

  43. Robert White

    i am not sure why they feel we think that this is his country. this design really bothers me as it should every free thinking person in the U.S.

  44. Carl Semmes

    I have done extensive research,and there is not one example of Adolf Hitler putting his face on any flag representing the Third Reich. The reason I make this comparison, is because many people accuse the Germans of worshipping Hitler like a diety. Yet, the absolute worship of Obama,from schoolchildren songs,to symbols on the American Flag,display a much more dangerous arrogance.

  45. Jami Lee

    The ultimate dog pissing on a fire hydrant as Obama continues to do campaigning through the U.S. But how now, so foresightful of our apologist in chief. He can employ many of the unemployed to manufacture and distribute his flag. He can export them to the middle east in abundant supply, each with a fervent, hand-written apology to the recipients who can desecrate, stomp on and burn them as they pursue their freedoms of speech, which Obama is relinguishing in this country. Obama has come full circle.

  46. Jc Heiberg

    Our government is suppose to be "of the people" not by the president. He is defacing part of the history. Whether it be the first time or not – it is still wrong. Obama be gone!

  47. John Schiesser

    Obama is so ashamed of the USA he doesn't even use the Red and Blue, he comes up with some Orange color and light blue…..if he was a patriot why not use the patriotic color instead of the off colors that he used? The United States flag has fifty stars and thriteen stripes, this fails in both respects along with the colors. I don't agree with his policies and I don't agree with this flag either, take it down.

  48. Diane D'Augostine

    Yes, God help America..with God nothing is impossible but everything is possible! . There has been so much political flip flopping by Obama and Romney, you need the next day newspaper today to keep up with the latest news. Pray to God as to discern what is truth and what are lies and a government by/for the people or a government by/for the government.

  49. Susan Kuhn

    You cannot and should not dare tamper with the American Flag in any way, how disrespectful can he be? I fear for our nation.

  50. MJ Dulmage

    This seems like a non-issue to me. It's a campaign logo, not an actual flag. People have been putting American flag-inspired art on everything from t-shirts to country decor items to window decals to tennis shoes to posters to political cartoons for 250 years. I'd much rather see a depiction of a flag on either party's political logo than on a pair of tennis shoes.

  51. Donna Sue Cook

    He has no respect for this country or the American people anyhow!!! Pray to God that he is fired!!!

  52. Jill Harrington-Cleveland

    I find it offensive, just as I find it offensive to use our flag as a curtain…for that matter the flag is a symbol of our heritage as a country…I don't like to see it used as any other way then it's intended purpose.

  53. Julie Henggeler Butler

    Mark, I'm a registered Democrat that is voting for the republican candidate this year… case you can't tel hahaha!

  54. Donna Sue Cook

    It wont happen if people are willing to open thier eyes and see him for what he really is!! If he wins election, you better be afraid!! Hope your all prepared to see this country crash and burn!!!

  55. Richard Greer

    Yes it does Carl. The past candidates that used the flag in a logo symbol in their campaigns used the typical Flag and colors. This one on the other hand has an entire make-over. To top it all. He is selling them as a campaign fund raiser at $35 dollars a piece. If I knew the money wouldn't go to his campaign.. I would buy one just to burn it.

  56. Anonymous

    Obama has never truly pledged his allegiance to the United States of America. His allegiance lies elsewhere.

  57. Anonymous

    Stop playing the discrimination card……if you think people say Obama is anti-American because of the color of his skin, you haven't been paying attention. Do your homework on this guy & you'll see what he's all about.

  58. Alice Mangum

    It is not a freaking flag, it is a poster. I do think it would take an act of congress to change the American flag. People are so gullible or they just hate already and looking for an excuse to rant.

  59. Anthony Garcia

    That is not a flag for Reagan/Bush but a decal or sticker. You talk about history but I can see with your quotes of "Saint Reagan" shows that you follow the same pattern that most liberals do and that is to deflect the truth. You attack rather that use facts. Men and women fought and died under that Flag. To those who served their country know and honor the significance of Old Glory. Frances Scott Key's poem was written during the bombardment of Fort Henry and it was the Flag that the British saw in dawn that made them realize that further attack was not going to give them the desired results. Ask those Marines, if they were alive today, who raised the Flag at Iwo Jima what they would think? I am a retired MARINE and I am telling you that OUR Flag is more than just a symbol, for it carries the blood of every American throughout history and when she is raised we well up inside know that "She is still there. You have that right to argue for the President, that right was given to with the blood and the 53 men who signed the Declaration of Independence and the 39 men who signed the Constitution. SgtMaj. Retired United States Marine.

  60. Alice Mangum

    Kim LaCapria You have common sense, But you are probably wasting your breath. These folks already hate Obama, and are looking for an excuse to rant. The first thing I did was find the "flag" in question to see that it is just a poster. It is ridiculous to think that Obama is changing the flag. I would think it would take an act of congress.

  61. Diane D'Augostine

    Alice….since you claim to have achieved self perfection, sounds like you are too smart for either Obama or Romney.

  62. Jennifer L LeBuis

    Ok the excuse that people don't like Obama because he's black is too freaking over done. I hate him because as a veteran he would rather take away our benefits and give assistance to trailer trash that can't close their legs.

  63. Adrienne Brown

    I see people are saying other presidents altered the flag, but go look how they did it. They never changed the actual flag they added words and sometimes a picture of them. They did not try to change the whole imagine. I hate Obama for who he is and how he thinks he can change our beliefs.

  64. Ron Saltarski

    Are you all daft! First this is NOT an alteration of the US flag, it is a political campaign advertisement. Did you just land on this planet? There has been clothing, shoes, marketing ads, ribbons, the symbols for the republican and democratic parties, etc. using a representation of the stars and stripes in some variation. Why now does it become such a big concern? Before you go start lashing out about something so minute in the whole scheme of things, do your homework. One could go as far as saying that every Independence Day the flag of the United States is being desecrated and distorted. Based on some of the comments posted there should not be any alteration of the flag… for those of you spouting off, the next time you walk out the door, take a look around and see how many alterations of the flag are out there… I bet you even have some variation of the stars and stripes in your own home. Why don't all of you hateful, bigoted people focus on real issues like the economy, or foreign policy, or job creation… even if I didn't agree with you, at least I would have more respect for you, and not view you as so pathetic that you need to stoop to this level… because if that is the case, then you are the disgrace and embarrassment to this country.

  65. Sharon Nelson

    Obama is the most disrespectful unamerican inhuman I have ever seen. He wasn't born here, he has not served our country but yet serves the other countries. Our sons and daughters and fathers and mothers have fought so hard to preserve the safety of the United States of America. Obama does not love our country but is trying to change it, and is giving it to other countries and now has his own flag. What next? Is it going to be "The United States of Obama"? disgusting……….

  66. Sharon Nelson

    How many of you will buy the flag? My love and respect still remains with Betsy Ross! And the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA not the Un-united States of Obama! Dear God I love you and please forgive mine enemies!

  67. Judy Odell

    Thanks for posting this, Sue. As I see it , it's one more thing in a long, long list! All I can say is where is Hilary Clinton when the country really needs her!

  68. Ken Wilkas

    No way. It's destined to become a piece of shit that noone will want to remember. You obviously never had a family member fight terrorism for this Flag and the American way of life.

  69. Susan Kuhn

    Kim LaCapria – seriously? I studied a lot of history in college and could accept some campaign sybolism but there's just something wrong about this taking the stars away and putting his picture there and then to take the stars away, change the color and make something else there…it's just wrong in my eyes, however, you also are entitled to your opinion.

  70. Kim LaCapria

    Except Reagan did it and I doubt there was outcry. People keep using the words "fundamentally change" the US, and I think that in their eyes, Obama is a dangerous man who is disrespecting the office of President. And I think this idea really stems from the fact that they think, as we say in New York, he thinks who he is. Wonder why that is.

  71. Kenneth W Cornell

    Read the Law People : US code 36 Chapter 10 §178. Modification of rules and customs by President.
    Any rule or custom pertaining to the display of the flag of the United States of America, set forth herein, may be altered, modified, or repealed, or additional rules with respect thereto may be prescribed, by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, whenever he deems it to be appropriate or desirable; and any such alteration or additional rule shall be set forth in a proclamation. WTF is your question?

  72. Matt Maddox

    Kim LaCapria He altered it due to the fact that America was changing I.E. territories, states, and the fact the country would become united under him (civil war). But its probably hard to read these facts with Obamas dick in your mouth.

  73. Susan Caruthers McCammon

    No, just probably another executive order from Obama would do the trick……that is how he usually gets his way………just ignore the constitution and command it to be done…… let it be written……so let it be done……..

  74. Amber Sherwood K

    How is it deflecting the truth to actually show you a presidential campaign that did what the Obama campaign did and even more so because they actually did it in the shape of a flag and there was NO controversy whatsoever but now it's the most horrible thing that ever happened and how dare he? To me this is a powerful symbol of unity. Nobody is walking on it or setting it on fire so chill out. No matter how you "argue" this point I guarantee you if a Republican did this today you wouldn't say a damned thing about it and I take the fact that not a single person has said, "well, yes, Reagan and Lincoln were wrong to do this too" as evidence. Only deflection or excuses for them, but Obama is over the line. Save your outrage for flag bikinis, boxer shorts and chalk flags on the sidewalk that people are ACTUALLY WALKING ON. There isn't anything offensive about this.

  75. Amber Sherwood K

    Are you more insulted by this or by Romney calling you a victim, who believes the government has a responsibility to care for you and you believe that you are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it? If you are more insulted by this campaign poster, I suggest perhaps your priorities are a bit skewed.

  76. Matt Maddox

    A powerful symbol of Unity? Yet everyone on here and across the Nation is arguing about it. Heres my view If you want to sell flags to raise money for a campaign to run a Nation you should sell that Nations Flag, not your new "retro" version.
    —Obama sucks, Romney sucks….Vote for me Ill screw you over just as much as them but Ill be honest about it.

  77. Amber Sherwood K

    Matt Maddox I repeat my assertion that nobody would be arguing about this if a Republican did it. Because they did. And nobody argued about it. The problem here is that Obama is the president of the whole country and there are some people who just can't STAND that idea and any representation of it drives them insane. That's the real issue here, not desecration of a "sacred icon" that is stamped on tshirts and boxer shorts all over the country.

  78. Matt Maddox

    One, if thats your only argument..HAHA… Two, your telling me thats not a "poster" of what is suppose to be a flag? How is that any different? You wouldn't get offended if you saw a poster of a flag burning? You say it's a poster but in your post you sound as if it's a flag, saying " Nobody is walking on it or setting it on fire so chill out". Which is it a Flag or a poster, or are you like all liberals and it's what it needs to be to satisfy your goals. Its disrespectful just like everyone else who has done it but I dont think Lincoln and Reagan were selling them for $35 dollars to raise campaign money, and thats my problem with it.

  79. Diane D'Augostine

    It is ahame how one can say that one is insulted or assume one is a vitim of circumstances or "skewed." What concerns me the most is tax dollars being spent on the shedding blood of the innocent.

  80. Amber Sherwood K

    You have no idea what Lincoln or Reagan were doing with their "flags", which actually WERE shaped like actual flags, not the country with stripes on it. It's a poster of the United States, stylized with the design of the flag. It's not a flag, it's not shaped like a flag, flown like a flag or meant to be flag and it's not offensive. The only thing you really find offensive is that President Obama is using this symbol of "your" country which is grating because he's not "really" American.

  81. Amber Sherwood K

    My comment was for Gregory. I have no idea what you mean by yours.

  82. Diane D'Augostine

    Amber you name came up in my replies received. . It must have been an error. Don' t know.

  83. Faye Ward Wells

    Since when has the American Flag taken the shape of the US? This is a campaign flag not the US flag. The US flag has stars and strips. Good grief people get a life. He hasn't taken a flag cut out the stars and put his logo on it. This is an image of the country with red and white strips with his logo. The flag of our country is still in tact. He hasn't order we change our flags to look like this. This is a campaign flag.

  84. Anonymous

    Kim LaCapria, Wow condescending and arrogant, much? I am referring to both your article and your comments.

  85. Terry Chance Stevens

    Alice Mangum if this is art it sucks….keep drinking that Kool-aid and you all will eventually choke on it!

  86. Terry Chance Stevens

    What about the flag they have now with his picture in place of the stars? What a load of c**p!

  87. Jeff Sheaffer

    Janet, I know you teach this garbage in public schools but real americans are offended and not stupid as you try to lie about Bush creating his own flag. Do you make your students take an oath to vote for Pres ACORN? That's what a college professor did in Florida!

  88. Pat Lawson Kittelt

    I think obama thinks he is GOD. I could throw up!
    I remember when he did not even put his hand over his heart to our flag and now he wants his own with the big O, excuse me I think I have to throw up now!

  89. Ginny Moore

    Look as far back as the 1860s to see candidates' faces in place of the stars. Look at a 4th of July festival to see people's heads and butts covered with flags.

  90. Faye Ward Wells

    Terry that flag was quickly removed and that person admitted she didn't know flag etiquette. I saw one today that had the Bulldaw Logo from the University of Georgia in place of the stars. The flag is not different than the one at the Tampa Bay Convention that had the elephant in it. Campaign flags are NOT US flags. The president has NOT signed an executive order changing the US flag to his campaign flag. Lincoln himself did something very similar to this. Campaign flags are NOT flags of the US of course they incorporate the red white and blue collars.

  91. Faye Ward Wells

    Eve the flag has not been altered . It is still in its form, shape, colors etc. It is the standard for our country. The Obama campaign has not altered the US flag in any way. Their flag is a CAMPAIGN flag period. Schools have flags, states have flags, soforth and so on. It is a campaign flag get over it. He has not tampered with the American flag in any way. If people cannot see for themselves that this is the case then they are gagging on a gnat and swallowing a camel or (elephant)!

  92. Faye Ward Wells

    Diane, the US flag has not been altered or changed. Like states, schools, bands, etc. this is a campaign flag. A flag that represents a campaign. No executive order has been declared or signed to change the American flag into this. Get over it people. IT IS A CAMPAIGN flag. It doesn't in no way except for red white and blue even look like our flag. Gracious me this is so stupid.

  93. Faye Ward Wells

    Jim the flag still stands in its original form. There has been no alterations in the flag. No executive order no nothing. Obama campaign has a campaign flag and it doesn't even resemble our flag. Good grief this just goes to prove that people will argue over anything if it is a bout the president. Campaigns are entitled to have a flag of their campaign it is not doing anything to our flag. It still flys, it still represents our country and it has not been altered. Get over it.

  94. Faye Ward Wells

    Kim give it up these crazy bleeding hearts over a campaign sign is about to make me cry a river. People this is in no way about the US flag. I am reading all this nonsense and yes I am crying from laughing at the absurdity of these comments. Like you said if it weren't Obama AND FAUX exploiting the sign it would go totally unnoticed by anyone other than an Obama supporter. In his first election people were complaining about the logo saying he was trying to change the flag. Enough is enough for sane people. Schools have flags, colleges have flags, states have flags. The president has not signed an executive order that says we are changing the flag so get a grip. This is merely a campaign flag poster that symbolizes the Obama campaign and not the US. I cannot believe people are still talking about this.

  95. Faye Ward Wells

    Matt Maddox : so what if it is a flag? It is no way the flag of the US. All campaigns have flags, states have flags, schools have flags, etc. This is a campaign flag. There is not one single thing wrong with a campaign having a flag. Get a grip man. Amber your arguments are solid. Yes people desecrate the US flag everyday and especially at campaign rallies is that is what you want to call it. Check out the many designs of banners and so called flags. This has gone on for years. On trains, on bandstands. The is a campaign logo and only a campaign logo. When he stands representing this country he always stands with the US flag and the flag of the US President. So until you see him exchanging one of them do us all a favor and stop the griping about this non-issue.

  96. Matt Maddox

    Are you stupid….You do realize there was no such thing as Social Media when Reagan and Lincoln did it. Don't you? If there had been Im sure the outrage would have been exactly the same. Why do you act like the only people who ever bitch are republicans? Because I see Democrats bitch just as much. I dont follow either party (I watch Sports not Politics). But I do know you are a stout Democrat and anything that someone says against your party is dead wrong ALWAYS. You probably never give a thought to anything a The Other party says which is what is wrong with most voters. Why does it offend you that this offends people? Should we all have to be ok with this because a Democrat did it?

  97. Amber Sherwood K

    It's pretty obvious, Matt, that you watch sports and not politics.

  98. Matt Maddox

    Why am I not allowed to be offended? Who are you to tell anyone to get a grip when your running around being Facebook Police Super Women….Get a life Bitch!!!

  99. Alice Mangum

    Where did I claim anything other than the truth. I actually checked this out before saying anything. There is no flag for sale that looks like the image depicted. If you can find it, please provide a link

  100. Diane D'Augostine

    Faye..It is not a manner of "getting over it" nor it being "so stupid." In your defense of the Obama stated, "IT IS A CAMPAIGN " flag. Whether it is a lithographic print/flag, there is a picture of it flying below the American flag in The Inquisitr. What schools, states and bands etc. have altered our flag and then flew it alone or below the American flag. When school bands march in parades both the school banner and our flag are present, not as one in the same. And I quote you as writing, Obama flag is a" flag that represents a campaign." Obama's move to put his O or picture minus the stars on our flag for campaign purposes opens the door for other politicians to do the same. Obama, with his charsimatic charm :( :( has once again weasled his socialisitic ways as a means to delegate his power in this presidential race.

  101. Regina Miller

    I am bothered by the flag and it has nothing to do with Obama's legitimacy it is just wrong. I would feel the same way if the Republicans did it.

  102. Konrad Weiss

    Everyone speaks of the Lincoln flag. One should look at it. We had just accepted WV as a state and the 36 star flag was not yet adopted. Lincoln's flag has 36 starts on the field and 13 red and white stripes with his name on it asking to be elected president of what that flag represented. Not Obama's campaign version were he has completely redone it in his own image. If you don't think it is meant to represent the US flag then you are either blind or so badly entrenched in the liberal thinking that anything we liberals do is right it won't matter what anyone else has to say. I would guess 90% or more people that would see this thing would see the intended resemblance to the US flag. This makes it appear to me that he feels HE DER FUHER is the United States and that the flag should represent him and his view. This is the same mentality of Hitler. I personally would never use the US flag as a symbol of my candidacy except in its pure form stating that I am an American first, but he can't seem to do that I wonder why?

  103. Alice Mangum

    I doubt you will find this flag for sale anywhere. Now if you want a poster/artwork you will be able to find that. Various artists and designers contribute these designs for the campaign

  104. Alice Mangum

    Donna Heurlin Since the flag has not been altered, why the fake outrage. I went to an Obama rally here in Virginia Beach today and did not see this new flag everyone is getting all bent out of shape about. What I did find was a poster that is in the shape the the United States of America. It is called art and is not a flag. My pictures from earlier today. Crowded house. lots of enthusiasm and spirit.

  105. Alice Mangum

    That poster is on Obama's website if anyone is interested in donating for the cause.
    Reminds me time for another donation. Every little bit helps.

  106. Faye Ward Wells

    Diane as you have said it flies beneath the American flag. Just like each ship that sails in the harbors fly flags of their fleet under the flag. Schools fly flags under the American flag or on a pole beside them. It is simply a flag that is for the campaign. He has not ordered the flag to be changed or altered. Did you see the flag of the GOP at the convention with the elephant walking across it. This is ridiculous. His logo is in the place of where our stars fly on our flag. The faded red strips on his flag are laid over a map of the US. I have never seen a flag or our country resemble anything like that campaign flag. Our flag is in tack plain and simple. Whether is flies alone or with our flag at his campaign headquarters is of no consequence to me. Now when you see him actually takes our stars and stripes you know the flag with the 13 red blue and white strips with the big blue square in the corner and put his logo there, then complain but until then. Just hold on because our flag has not bee altered or changed. now there was a flag in Florida that someone had done just that; they had put his picture where the stars go. NOw I agree that was definitely defacing our nation's standard. But this campaign doesn't even resemble our flag just like the one at the GOP convention does not resemble our flag.

  107. Faye Ward Wells

    Diane D'Augostine and you seriously think this campaign flag without our big blue, white and red stripes spread over the map of the Us looks like our nation's standard? I have never see our flag look like that. The Obama campaign flag doesn't even resemble our nation's standard to me.

  108. Faye Ward Wells

    Diane I have searched and searched and I simply do not see any big broad blue strips on this campaign flag and I don't see the big blue square in the upper left corner. Again this flag doesn't even resemble our nation's standard.

  109. Kelly Hill Rice

    What is the big deal? Did everyone throw a fit when Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan used it in the same way? It has happened for decades…'s campaign advertising……I think there are more important issues to worry about in this next election….

  110. Sandy Bell Small

    It seems as if the people who consider this a non issue could at least concede that maybe their life experience might give them a different perspective on this flag than say someone who has fought in a war defending this country and the flag/symbol that stands for the USA. Maybe someone who has lost a loved one who served or maybe has lost a limb serving or has a child serving might say, be a little defensive of the flag that represents everything they've fought for? I'm just saying you have a right to your opinion but it might be good to have some respect for others who have lived a different life than you…and I hope and pray you never have to find out first hand how valuble and precious you freedoms are.

  111. Sandy Bell Small

    It seems as if the people who consider this a non issue could at least concede that maybe their life experience might give them a different perspective on this flag than say someone who has fought in a war defending this country and the flag/symbol that stands for the USA. Maybe someone who has lost a loved one who served or maybe has lost a limb serving or has a child serving might say, be a little defensive of the flag that represents everything they've fought for? I'm just saying you have a right to your opinion but it might be good to have some respect for others who have lived a different life than you…and I hope and pray you never have to find out first hand how valuble and precious you freedoms are.

  112. Raymond Russell Jr

    The ppl that are saying that he is being disrespectful are just upset because they thselves were not ready for a black president i kno this just by all of the depictions of him all over google and everyone making a big deal about this is just another way to justify h

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