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Florida Mom Who Beat Up Son’s Bully: ‘No Regrets’

Felecia Phillips doesn't regret attacking her son's bully

Felecia Phillips, a 35-year-old Florida mother, says that she doesn’t regret beating up her son’s alleged bully, an incident that was caught on camera and has netted Phillips child abuse charges.

The video of the school bus brawl went viral, showing Phillips attacking a 17-year-old student with no apparent provocation. She’s facing child abuse charges, but insists that she was merely sticking up for her son, who was being bullied by the student she attacked.

“I mean, I really, honestly can’t say I won’t do it again,” the mother told NBC Orlando of Wednesday morning’s fight. “I just wanted him to leave my son alone, you know? What’s the problem?”

According to Phillips, her 15-year-old son Terez Smith was beaten up on Tuesday at Flagler Palm Coast School by 17-year-old Justin Mickens, the student she confronted in the video. Phillips accompanied her son to the bus on Wednesday, and when she spotted Mickens, the fight broke out.

“Words kept going back and forth or whatever, and he called me out,” Phillips said. “And I smooshed him in his face or whatever.”

Mickens maintains his innocence, despite deputy reports that he had slammed Phillips to the ground prior to the arrival of the bus and the recorded fight.

“She chased me on the bus and pulled me by the back of my head,” Mickens said. “I don’t even talk to her son. I don’t even hang around him … None of that ain’t true.”

Phillips was arrested and charged with child abuse and trespassing on school property. Her bond was set at $2,500. After paying the bond, she told News4Jax that Mickens got what he deserved, and that she doesn’t regret attacking him.

“That’s what they need; a good old-fashioned whooping,” she said. “We’re not able to do that because we end up in jail– child abuse charges.”

Phillips’ son, Smith, was happy that his mom defended him. She doesn’t regret it either, telling 10 News in Tampa that her son is a good boy who doesn’t deserve the trouble.

“I don’t want anybody picking on him, and messing with him. Leave my son alone,” Phillips said. “He’s not looking for trouble. I don’t even raise my kids that way. He’s not messing him, why are you messing with him? So no, I don’t regret it.”

Here’s the video of Felecia Phillips attacking her son’s bully:

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7 Responses to “Florida Mom Who Beat Up Son’s Bully: ‘No Regrets’”

  1. Josh Arnold

    All Bullies should get a good Ass whoopen! ;o) I used to be the Ani-Bully in school!

  2. Josh Arnold

    Parents, Teach your kids how to fight, or get them some good Realistic street fighting training! Don't allow your kids to be victims! ;o)

  3. Josh Arnold

    AND BTW, if someone messed with my Son, God help em, cause he can beat some ass!

  4. Johnathan JJ Jones

    I taught my sons to fight. Recently my son was being bullied by 4 little boys. As of 2 days ago he has beat all four of them up. One was knocked out and had a bloody nose, the other needed stitches because his tooth went through his lip, one had an astma attack when my son was on top of him giving him the ground and pound, and the last being in a rear naked choke hold squirming and begging for release. After months of being picked on and me and my son warning parents and school officials what was going to happen I finally told my son to protect himself. My son is an honor roll student, standout in band, and just a great kid. Teachers have rallied behind him and are making it known it was self defense and that this handsome and kind 10 year old did what he had to do since the school administration wouldn't do it for him.

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