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Michael Jackson’s Doctor, Conrad Murray, Reveals Previously Unknown Details Of Pop Star’s Life And Death

Michael Jackson’s former doctor, Conrad Murray, has recently opened up about his friendship with the pop legend. Jackson’s former doctor, who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for administering Propofol, said that Jackson predicted his own death, according to Yahoo!

Murray says Michael Jackson had a lot of secrets that he carried around like a burden, and the “Man in the Mirror” singer called himself clairvoyant. The disgraced doctor even said that Michael Jackson believed that his life and Murray’s would become inseparable for the rest of time.

His experience with Jackson, as what he calls “a friend and doctor,” gave him the drive to write a book. Murray came to prominence after he was sentenced to the maximum penalty of four years incarceration in 2011. He has recently released a new book titled. This Is It!: The Secret lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson, in which he says he will set the record straight as to the true nature of his relationship with the pop sensation.

The disgraced doctor has admitted that he regrets meeting Michael Jackson. Dr. Conrad Murray spoke on his regrets over meeting Michael Jackson and the effect it took on his life, calling their relationship “a disaster in every way.” Murray even blames Michael Jackson for his eventual death, saying that he would never have become involved with the “We Are The World” singer if he had known about his “drug problem.”

“Michael never shared with me his drug problem, that’s one thing I hold him responsible for. I’m upset with him about that. He compromised my livelihood, my entire career, by not telling me about it. I would not have been around him if I knew he was doing that.”

Murray is adamant that Jackson took another drug behind his back on the night that he died, which he believes had a reaction to the Propofol he administered onto him.

Dr. Conrad Murray spoke on how he saw himself as a scapegoat for the death of Michael Jackson, and that the rest of the Jackson family saw him as someone who could take the fall for the death of the world-famous artist.

“I was definitely a scapegoat. I was a person who the Jackson’s thought they could blame.”

In order to provide his side of the story, Michael Jackson’s former doctor says that he has published emails and other forms of proof that the Jackson family was trying to force him to make a false statement, even after he was in prison.

“In the book, I’ve discussed and published emails, that [Michael’s family] were trying to get me to make a false declaration while incarnated.”

Perhaps worst of all, the doctor says that the Jackson family was motivated solely by money.

“It was all about money. It wasn’t about their love for Michael.”

Among the loved ones that Micahel Jackson left behind, Murray admitted that he cares about the pop star’s three children, Paris, Prince, and Blanket, and he would be happy to talk to them if they wanted to meet him. Murray also revealed that the “Smooth Criminal” singer wanted to expand his family, and he even claimed that Michael Jackson intended to have a total of 12 children. Despite spending four years in prison, which Murray describes as a painful experience, he still says that he misses his old friend.

Dr. Conrad Murray spoke on missing Michael Jackson as a friend, and they’d need to get their mutual anger out first, and then they would have plenty to talk about.

“We’d have a lot of talking to do. We’ve got to shout and scream first of all. We’d have to have a long talk. I’ve been to hell and back, there’s no doubt about that. It’s been a major disaster.”

According to Radar Online, the disgraced doctor says that Michael Jackson confided in him about what he described as a “horrific childhood.” Dr. Conrad Murray alleges that the late superstar privately confessed to being sexually abused as a young boy.

The King of Pop told Murray that he was a victim of sodomy, a dark past that he would not share even with his best friend, Elizabeth Taylor. Murray went on to acknowledge the stories of Jackson’s father’s infamous beatings during the children’s early years. Jackson confided in Murray that rumors about the beatings and the verbal abuse were all true, but that he was also sodomized.

According to the doctor, Michael Jackson’s traumatic experience left such a mark on him that he could not even stand looking at himself in a mirror. To help him forget about his past, he wanted to change his appearance, which is why the pop superstar went to such drastic lengths to change his appearance through plastic surgery.

Murray said that Michael Jackson confided his past to him while sobbing uncontrollably.

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