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7-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Would-Be Kidnapper, Honored By City

Miami girl, 7, saves cousin, 4, from kidnapping

A-nari Taylor has been dubbed Miami’s littlest crime fighter after fighting off a would-be kidnapper with her bare hands.

A-nari, 7, and her cousin, 4-year-old Brandon, were playing with other kids outside their apartment complex when a man walked up to Brandon, screaming “God told me to take him, God told me he’s coming with me,” A-nari told NBC News. The would-be abductor “allegedly grabbed Brandon’s arm, but A-nari stepped into action.”

“The man started pulling him, and we start pulling him back,” A-nari told the press, “I had to chop and kick him so he could let Brandon go.” The girl was honored in a civil ceremony, in which she announced that she was scared, but she had to fight to save Brandon, “cause my mama always said safety is first.”

As A-nari fought for her cousin, another adult ran from the apartment complex to assist. The New York Daily reports that the city held a ceremony to honor their pint-sized hero, whe