Suits Season 6 spoilers, promo

‘Suits’ Season 6 Episode 3 Spoilers, Promo: Can Harvey Save Mike From Frank? [VIDEO]

Suits Season 6 returns this Wednesday, July 27, with episode 3 titled, “Back on the Map.” The latest synopsis and spoilers suggested that things are about to get worse for Mike (Patrick J. Adams), Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Rachel (Meghan Makle), and the rest of Pearson Specter Litt.

According to Cartermatt, Frank Gallo (Paul Schulze) is determined to make Mike’s life a living hell. He is reportedly willing to do anything to make Mike as miserable as humanly possible. In the last episode of Suits Season 6, it was revealed that Frank was using Mike to get back at Harvey. Turns out, he is still carrying a grudge after Harvey put him in prison years ago. Based on the promo for Episode 3, Frank will once again try to get in Mike’s nerves through Rachel.

In the last episode, Harvey called in a favor to have Frank transferred to a different cell. Things, however, started to get heated once again when Frank, along with other two inmates, ganged up on Mike. Thankfully, Mike’s cellmate Kevin Miller (Erik Palladino) called on a prison guard before it was too late.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Korsh, Suits creator and showrunner, shared that Mike going behind bars was originally going to be the series finale. He said that they all took a huge chance sending him in prison by the end of Season 5. Korsh believed that there is still a lot of story to be told and hoped that fans will stick with them until the very end. Although a Season 7 has yet to be confirmed, Korsh predicted that USA will give them at least another season to wrap things up.

“I don’t know how long the network will have us, but in my gut it’s always been at least seven. But I don’t know if they would have us for more than seven.”

While Korsh refused to reveal when or how Mike will get out of prison, he shared that they made sure that he is still connected with the rest of Pearson Specter Litt, in one way or another. Much like when he tried to pursue a career in investment banking, Korsh put Mike and Harvey on opposite sides of the case to forge interaction. This time around, they thought of sticking Mike with an inmate who had a past with Harvey.

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“I had an original idea that Mike should be in there with someone who is causing him trouble, and one of the writers came up with the idea that the guy giving Mike problems was someone Harvey had put in there. As soon as that was pitched that became our framework for the year. It’s sort of about them dealing with this problem and then from there we give a lot of solutions and complications and take it from there,” he said.

Given that the Suits showrunner decided to build an entire prison set in Toronto, it might be safe to assume that a big chunk of Season 5 will be set in prison. When they realized that they were dragging Mike’s story for far too long and decided that it was time to put him behind bars, Korsh and the rest of the Suits creative team began thinking of different ways to make the coming episodes even more exciting. Even with Mike’s secret out, Korsh hoped that they will still be able to provide even more gripping storylines.

“We wanted to see what Mike’s time in prison is like. We said, ‘Let’s see if we can figure out some interesting stories to tell while he’s in prison.’ And I hope we have,” Korsh said.

Suits Season 6 Episode 3, titled “Back on the Map,” airs Wednesday, July 27 on USA Network. Watch the promo below:

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